For Kazzydoodah

03 Aug

For Kazzydoodah

Once upon a time there was a cage

filled with people, birds and cats on a rage

(for they couldn’t find the exit of this place)

and didn’t have so much as a lace

to find their way out. This didn’t make them happy

they were tired of singing ‘Flappy

bird, oh Flappy bird, open the door of this peculiar spot

for we’re going nuts here on the dot!’

Then a big pair of scissors were found

it turned out they had all been bound

by this weird little lady, lying on her couch

had all of the sudden started to comb her hairs -ouch!

And freed all of the creatures living there not to fit

in what was not a cage but actually a great big knit

of hairs being uncombed and uncared for

and so the creatures in the hair swore:

‘This never again!’ and bounded their powers

tied all of the hairs in a big knot like a bouquet of flowers

glued it together so there was no escape

(after freeing every creature, even the great big ape)

And there you had it, everyone ran out of the backdoor

or hiding underneath the carpet, right on the livingroomfloor

it was like that, I swear this has happened for real

why would I make it up, it’s a really big deal

that one knows there is no one with such a hairdo

as our greater Kazzykadoo-

dah, queen of lovely Bridget Jones-like interference

really, normal life has no resemblence

to quite such a lovely girl

she is really an utter Twitter-pearl 🙂

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