For B & D

25 Aug

Once upon a time there was a bearded dragon called Dee,

who was mighty in love with her owner, called Bee.

She would cry rivers of water when Bee went to school

so hard, in fact, it was mistaken for being the local pool

‘Oh lordy, what’s up with you?’

Asked Bee to her dear Dee, having absolutely no clue.

‘Well, I’m in love with you and I’m not a human being,

I feel so left out when I see you leaving

for school, sports and reading, I can’t help it

I can’t think of anything or anyone else but you! Please, fix it!’

And so Bee went to a wizard and asked him

‘What should I do with Dee? Except for a good swim

in its tears I can’t think of much else, now it there?’

‘That question is a bit of an odd one, sounds more like a dare’

spoke the wizard, that scratched his head and then knew:

‘Oh wait, I have got this!’-and pulled out a brew

In a glas bottle, in the loveliest shade of pink.

‘Let your Dee drink this and it will be happy’ the wizard said with a wink.

So off Bee went, the potion under her arms, wrapped in her sweater,

feeling this was gonna be good and all for the better.

‘Look Dee, a wizard told me this would make you happy!’ and showed the bottle

and Dee looked at it and said ‘it looks like a throttle’

And Bee replied ‘no, that’s just the color!’ but Dee didn’t feel assured.

‘I will take a sip, too, then’, Bee promised. This cured

Dee for not wanting, so there up Bee went. She took a sip of the brew,

Dee followed after and after a minute or two

Of absolutely nothing happening, both Bee and Dee started shaking and shifting,

floating, rumbling and tossing. It was an amusing side seeing them drifting

like that, but after a few minutes Bee yelled ‘alright already, when will this stop?!’

and then they noticed what had happened: Bee and Dee made a swop

both having drank the brew, Bee now had a tail and Dee a face

the were both human and bearded dragon, wasn’t that just ace?!

They entered the school, both of them, the most lovely couple anyone

had ever seen. It had been that easy, it was done!

(and yes, they lived happily ever after 🙂 )

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