Kazzydoodah strikes again :)

25 Aug

Once upon a time there was a woman with mighty big hair

she once tried to comb it, but it was quite a dare

‘No no no no!’ Her hairs cried out loud.

That was quite embarrassing, so she drank some stout.

Now, what was she supposed to start with this hair, unwillingly to be shaped by a brush?

‘Oh for heaven’s sake, what a load of hush’,

she sighed. ‘You know what? I will be the woman with the strongest hairs on earth! You’ll see!”

And see, she began to fight crimes with her hairs. Someone about to drown at sea?

Not with the mighty hairbush to the rescue! She would throw her hairs out as a fishing rod

and tadaa! A human would be safe and sound ashore (looking a bit like a very odd cod)

Trapped on a deserted Island? Not so much with Kazzydoodah at your side!

Her mighty hair would simply captivate a turtle, ready to catch a ride!

Fallen off a big building and nowhere to get a grip on?

Kazzydoodah would let her hair out so you’d have a way to climb back on

All these things, but Kazzydoodah didn’t think of her hairs as a blessing,

more as a curse, since her hairs were never cooperative, only messing

around with any timetable she had. ‘But please, Ms Lovely, don’t change a thing!

For your hair has been nothing but wonderful, it just needs managing!’

‘How on earth are you going to manage my hair??’

Asked Ms Lovely herself, in which, to be fair,

she kind of had a point. The people looked at her, concluded her hairs were full of life

(given the fact that she had saved so many lives, this wasn’t a big surprise, it was a strife)

so they decided: ‘you know what? Our local knittingclub will make you a fantastic

piece of hairnet. They’ll make some nice patterns and make it look ecstatic’

Kazzydoodah did like the sound of that. The knittingclub started an knitted

a beautiful ensemble which covered all of her hairs nicely

‘Now, wear it with care!’ the knittinclub added wisely

And so she did, so she did.


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