Allergic to people

22 Oct

Inspired by Nicole Polar (who does a much better job, by the way!)

I can’t meet these people!
They’re new and icky
And positively sticky
as soon as I touch ‘m, my skin goes green
they’re probably mean
and want to steal whatever I have left
because naturally they gain only by theft
any posession that is ‘theirs’
as you see, new people, not one of them cares
for what is yours or mine
the thought of me talking to them…doesn’t make me fine!
I’d rather bath and wash
have a lemon squash
then having to go outside and meet this dreadful
race that call themselves ‘humans’, truly awful!

Please, check my skin!
Is it green yet or grey like tin?
Can I still wear my white polkadot dress?
Or wouldn’t it fix the colorrich mess?
I do want it to match the curtains, you see
For they are the result of a fucking shoppingspree….

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Posted by on October 22, 2014 in Daily life, Humour


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