New boyfriend

27 Oct

Bringing a new boyfriend into the house is always a challenge. Especially when there are, next to parents, siblings involved.
My sisters’ new boyfriend was no exception to that rule. Her new catch was a charming boy, with blond hairs in a ponytail and glasses. Lovely nerdish. Rocked on an electrical guitar. He was seated in sister’s room while her and me were having a bath. This was common in our home. To just share bathing time, that is, not especially to leave boyfriends on their own while doing that.
Previously to that, I stepped into the bathroom to comb my hairs. I noticed something smelled really nice.
‘What’s that?’ I asked.
My sister answered:
‘Not sure, maybe it’s my new shampoo?’ and indeed, it turned out to be that.
‘If you get with me in the tub, I’ll wash your hairs with it?’ she offered. So off went my clothes, I stepped into the tub and tadaa, my hairs were being washed with gorgeous smelling shampoo.
‘You’ll have to get out now’, she told me at some point, when I was still playing with some bubbles, ‘because Frank needs to take a bath too’.
I got out, no problem.
But I was bloody curious about Frank! Therefor, I didn’t move very quickly when I was meant to do so.
‘Frank! Get undressed!’ my sister ordered from the tub to the room he was seated in. A few moments later, Frank turned his head around the corner of the bathroom.
A floating head.
‘You called, miss?’ he said, smiling at his girlfriend who was covered in bubbles.
‘Yes, dear. Why don’t you get undressed so we can bath together?’ she said, splashing herself with water. I was still combing my hairs. Frank didn’t dare to go against her wishes, simply stepped out of the bathroom and went back into what was now ‘their’ room.
Then my mother entered the bathroom.
‘So, what’s happening here?’ she asked with a hughly fake innocent tone and a smile that gave away her knowledge to everything.
‘Not much’, my sister and me replied.
‘It does seems rather cozy in here’, she said, seating herself on the chair next to the tub.
‘What’s that smell?’ Mom asked.
‘Ah, that would be my new shampoo’, my sister answered, knowing for sure now. Then we heard Frank. Or at least my sister did.
‘Get out, you two!’ my sister ordered.
‘But my hair’s still got knots in it!’ I complained as if it was the worst thing in the history of mankind.
‘I don’t care, beat it, you can come back in later’.
My mother and me left the bathroom, to see Frank squirm like a dog with its tail between its legs, dressed in nothing but a towell from their room to the bathroom.
We left them alone for a couple of minutes, then got too curious.
I opened the door.
‘I think I left my brush here’ I said, reaching for it in such a way it fell down. Now I had to come in to pick it up properly.
Then Mom stumbled in.
‘Can I have that marvellous shampoo?’ to which my sister exclaimed in despair:

Oh, the joys of family…

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