The Iron Lady

11 Nov

Even though Margaret Thatcher was still alive when the film was made and it was opposed of, when it was heard Meryl Streep was cast, I can remember it was less frowned upon. And for a good reason. Streep does as Streep does. She’s remarkable as one of the least favourited women in all of Britains history. Her facial expressions, accent: Streep performs the trick so well.

The film is also remarkably dull.
Politics can be exciting, in a way, when not listening to anyone or anybody, but the storyline seems to want to portray the moments of Thatcher being active around in the boarding room, whilst making her a loved person by getting her husband involved. Picking Bridget Jones’ father (Jim Broadbent) for that seems very sweet, but it makes you feel sorry for the man aswell. Footage is used of actual events and Thatcher’s reasponses to it.

Most of all, the film is just an easy playground for Meryl Streep to do what she does best: impersonate, show how well she can do this.
I was stunned by her performance, while understanding better and better why Thatcher had so many enemies..
There are loads of films in which Meryl Streep sets a perfect example of how to act and plays a pleasant character. This wasn’t one of them.

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