Black Swan

29 Nov

With Nathalie Portman, Mila Kunis, Vincent Cassel.
For lovers of ballet, this is a lovely film. They probably recognise a lot from the dancing that is going on, enjoy the movements of the practicing that is showed on the practice of the piece ‘Black Swan’. Because that’s what it’s about. Nathalie Portman desperately wants to play the number 1 part and gets told bij Vincent Cassel she can’t because she’s just not good enough. In her desperate attempts to gain the spot after all, she succeeds. This is, however, where the film loses me. It has been marketed by saying there’s a bit of sci-fi in it, which is true I suppose in a broad sense of the word.
To me it was a bit too vague. Watching it was more like you were inside the head of someone severely drunk. You don’t understand all what’s happening, you want to get out but can’t and you see Nathalie suffering the next day. And then there’s the body changes. Maybe I missed out on something on forehand, but except for Nathaltie Portman being beautiful in this role, the story didn’t make any sense to me to be honest. The ending is defenitely too cliche for me.

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