The Time Travelers’ Wife

29 Nov

With Eric Bana, Rachel McAdams, Ron Livingston.
At first this film captured me for being for women for a change. Scifi doesn’t always suit me and this seemed like an easy-to-watch. In a way, it is. You start the film by seeing how a little boy in a car is being comforted by his mother for being good at singing a certain song. She tells him she really likes his voice and should never feel ashamed of his talent. Touching. Then she dies in a huge crash, which is in such a way that the boy is supposed to have a certain DNA-switch which makes it possible for him to time travel. Right after the carcrash, his older self comes to rescue the boy and tell him what’s gonna happen.
In a way, this makes sense. Unfortunately, none of these little details play a part in the rest of the film. For instance, you don’t see the boy, growing up, singing this song to himself, or becoming very good at singing or finding any kind of resurrection about it. Also, his timetravelling goes suddenly. He’s just gone and naked in another place. Wherever. There’s no explanation as to why he is without cloths, something you might be curious about because it is part of the happening.
When Rachel McAdams finds him in the library and approaches him, she says she’s not supposed to. It never becomes truly clear to me why not.
But maybe I’m slightly spoiled from watching ‘Back to the Future’, which is full of explanation as to why certain things shouldn’t happen.

I had trouble getting through all of the film. It might have been it’s not my genre. It could very well be others will enjoy this film very very much. I would only recommend it to those who like Rachel McAdams, who is her usual lovely self, or who likes to see a naked man running on their screen and don’t want to use their brains too much.

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