Deurne Self-Defense Case

07 Jan

Benedicte Ficq, barrister of the survivors of the robbers of jewellery store Goldies in Deurne, is filing a complaint at the court of justice in Den Bosch. The public Procecution decided previously not to procecute the jeweler woman – who shot and killed the two robbers- as it was a case of self-defence. Based on Article 12 Ficq now wants the judge to decide about procecuting the jeweler woman, not the public Procecution.

Young People Shot
‘There were two young men shot and killed in Deurne. I find the judge should really take a look at this. In this case the public Procecution has decided about this. We don’t agree with that’, says Ficq.

In March 2014 two men raided the jewellery store. Marina Sanders shot both men, after the two men had attacked her husband and threatened to ‘shoot him to pieces’. From camera images it has been found that Marina sees her husband being attacked. She then takes a gun and threatens with it when one of the men comes to the room she’s in. He turns around and attacks her husband.
Next, Marina loads the gun and she shoots through the doorway at the robber, who gets hit in the arm. Marina’s husband also gets hit by that bullet. Then Marina shoots the robber in his leg. After both robbers attack her husband, Marina shoots both men in the chest. Both die. Given that Marina first threatened, then shot arm and leg and last the chest, public Procecution concluded self-defence. The entire Justice Summit has interfered with the case back then.

Reaction Barrister Jeweler couple
Jan-Hein Kuipers, barrister of the jeweler couple has responded by sms on the case. “It has taken a long time, all and all, which says a lot in my opinion. We hope the Court will plan the case in soon, so that my clients can move on, as the feasibility of the specific complaints are negligible. Meanwhile Marina has been submitted to a psychiatric ward, about two months ago, to process what has happened.’

Meeting Between Involved Ones
“According to the survivors it’s not even necessarily their goal to have a conviction. There is also that the jeweler woman never showed any sign of remorse towards the survivors. There was no written letter, there was a meeting planned but it wasn’t followed through. This all made the case for the Article 12 procedure run its course”, Radio OmroepBrabant has cited Ficq.

Kuipers responds to ThePostOnline: “I had Ficq and Plasman (barrister third involved one, red.) known in a very early stage and frequently in the period afterwards that a meeting was possible. At a certain moment Ficq phoned me to ask if Marina could join a meeting with the survivors the next day. That day she (Marina) had a meeting planned for an intake at the psychiatric ward, therefor it was impossible for her to do so. Ficq immediately threatened this could be negative if there was no attendance to the meeting. I told her it should be possible to explain to her clients that a meeting at the psychiatric ward, given the incredibly late notice of Ficq – a phonecall at the end of the day just before a meeting the day after, should be continued. When Ficq would have been in time, my clients and me had attended a meeting, whereever and whenever. After all, it had been our own initiative to have mediation with the survivors. It has surprised me hugely how Ficq has claimed to the press how this case came to be after that. It’s a pity”

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