09 Feb

I’ve seen so many articles floating about on twitter that I simply feel I must at least ventilate what I think of this issue.


I have read a few articles on the apparant cons of vaccinating. To each cure that heals a lot of people/children, are the ones that die unexpectedly of whatever side effect may be there. In the medical world this is simply known as ‘unfortunate’. As a parent, I can defenitely understand how parents that already feel differently about the current medical issues that are at stake, wouldn’t want to cooperate in their beloved child being part of this, what seems to be, ‘Medical Russian Roulette’. A good parent wouldn’t do such a thing, after all. That’s what they’ve been told by alternative healers, who simply reject any kind of chemical interference. Any doctor that prescribes a medicine that isn’t to be found in nature, in the root of a plan or a mixture of goat vomit mixed with poo of a certain rare animal found in a magic forrest, should therefor be banished and never touched again.

The one doctor that they felt had them backed up, by simply stating a vaccine could cause autism. That he was being paid to say so by the company that wanted to sell their own products, was easily laid aside, because ‘well, that IS a more natural solution and one SHOULD be exploring this side of the story’.
Even after de doctor had said he made it up. It was a bit like that ‘Friends’ scene, where Phoebe is talking to Rachel on the phone and, by talking to Rachel, gets a whole plane upset by making up that a device that doesn’t even exist isn’t on board of the plane. The whole plane is abandoned, including Rachel herself who knows very well who she has been talking to and knows therefor it doesn’t make sense. She just doesn’t want to be left behind.

This is pretty much the same thing. There’s parents out there who genuinely believe that certain diseases are out there to be had, to grow character, and this is only to be done while having those particular diseases. The ones that have vaccines to make sure children don’t get it. Not because doctors don’t want children to develop characters, but since doctors have sworn an oath they want to make sure people, and children especially, LIVE. An oath none of these ‘made up’ doctors have. It’s opions and nothing but that.
Because, it may surprise you, but there’s still plenty of diseases out there that WILL give your child character and antibodies that are very much needed in the rest of time of adulthood. It’s not as if children who have had their vaccines don’t ever get sick, don’t have their boundries tested on physical strengths in other ways.

It’s not just measles. All these children diseases that are included in a vaccine have been causing so much drama and discomfort in children around the globe. Why would you willfully want to expose your child, or someone else’s, to a disease that a child doesn’t need to have at all?
Especially because the outcome can be so much more devestating than I would hope any parent wishes to be towards their own child.

Fact is that certain deadly diseases, that had been almost vanished from existence (as some still chose not to vaccinate during that time) have been relocated. Brought back into present time. And still not being childfriendly. They never were. It may surprise you, but this was kind of why they were prevented against. Just saying.

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