Saving Mr Banks

20 Jun

Highly amusing film with Tom Hanks as Walt Disney, Emma Thompson as P.L. Travers and several others.

This film depics how the film of Mary Poppins came to be. How the struggle was, is a better description to be fair.

I think it’s being adverted as a family film and though it is, children will be a bit disappointed by it I think. They will probably expect Mrs Travers to be Mary Poppins in disguise.

She’s not.

Emma Thompson is fantastic as completely unwilling Mrs Travers, who makes everyone she meets on Disney-grounds uncomfortable by wanting everything different.
It starts with the awkward handshakes, goes on to walking her own direction to where she’s needed and saying ‘no’ to every single item that’s offered in the first place. From coffee to whatever. Highly amusing and uncomfortable at the same time.
I think only authors of books that are slightly too personally written, can relate to what’s happening here. Is it highly entertaining? Oh yes! Is it highly annoying? Also yes! It’s America manners versus British manners. That’s the biggest gap between Disney and Travers.
The story that is being displayed in between is, in a way, too distracting. It’s not clear from the start about whom it is, though at the same time it is, but in the end you still don’t know what her biggest struggle to please Disney is.

It shows how the story of Mary Poppins has probably shaped in Mrs Travers’ head, but you can never be sure of this, as the film shows the communication between everyone was highly, highly uncomfortable, filled with bumps and rocks. This suggests that not only was this done to add dramatisation, but also that Mrs Travers thoughts on the process would probably have been different.
None of them enjoyed working together and you can never be too sure if it’s fully based on how it really was -it’s still a film. I can very well imagine Mrs Travers would have huge problems with this particular film. She would have hated it.

The end of the film shows too that this film is the story of how it all came to be. Still, it is a delight to watch Emma Thompson being a deeply stubborn persona for once, and Tom Hanks does an incredible job as Mr Disney.

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