Cecil the Lion

30 Jul

On social media, it’s the news of the day, and far beyond its borders also: the killing of Cecil the lion. It’s like watching The Lion King and seeing how, instead of Scar, a way too good looking bastard in the person of Walter Palmer, has been killing both Mufasa AND Simba.

I am against hunting, but I am not a vegetarian, let me be clear about that from the start. So many who read this, will think I’m hypocritical when I state the following:

I do think that a man going on a killing spree with a bow and arrow, to pose afterwards with his prey and brag about who’s life he took now, is incredibly disgusting. It gets more disgusting to know he paid a huge amount of money for this occasion. It gets more disgusting if you hear him say ‘I thought it was legal! I’m sorry about killing it, but I thought it was OK!’ like he just stole a cookie from a jar. It gets more disgusting if you read he used that same excuse when he illegally shot a black bear a few years ago. It gets more disgusting if you see all of the pictures that show him posing proudly with all of the animals he once killed, and that you know this is a piece of filth who gets a kick out of killing animals with his bow and arrow. He wants those animals to suffer. He wants his prey to make up for his perfect teeth-life. The life that makes it possible for him to kill. To be proud of his killings. To hang the heads of those who have suffered on his behalf, on his wall and to make his own little kingdom be more bearable.

He is, quite simply, a huge fucktard. Had the lion attacked him because of rules of the jungle reasons, we would have cheered for the lion. ‘Hurray, another hunting motherfucker died, woohoo!’ but no. Man lived. Man lived and removed the collar that was there to indicate this was, quite frankly, a huge housecat. Walter Palmer was asked to ‘look the other way, you haven’t seen this, or you’re in trouble’. Now claiming he thought the killing was legal, pretending he wasn’t there when the famous lion was lured away from the place that made the killing illegal from the start. With such a fake smile as a business card, you just know the man is lying. It’s easy to say you didn’t know. It’s harder to ignore the signs that surround this man. The man that paid to have his way with this lion.

In a way it’s like a he paid a prostitute, but instead of doing regular business, he decided that because he paid, it was OK to rape her. This is a man who truly believes that payment gives him the right to do whatever he likes. Including killing animals that aren’t exactly widely spread on this earth. So my advice to him? Next time, shoot a bunny or a rabbit. Those reproduce far easier and won’t get you the label of being a huge fucking bastard. Unlike now. You have to hide. Feel like Cecil the lion who you hunted down, please. This time, the target is on you. Live with it. So did Cecil.

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