Feminism today

31 Jul

I read a lot about this subject these days. There seems to be a lot of fuzz going on about the subject. Celebrities are telling women to empower themselves, to take control, to decide what’s best for us, women.

And yet what some of these celebrities do, doesn’t seem like empowerment for women at all. At least, not to me.

In the olden days (yes, I’m sorry, I can’t help digging up some history here) women trying to make rules, values, things in general, better for women all around, were rarely seen doing anything other than publishing a paper, stating how smart women were aswell. They pointed out how these values weren’t charished all that much in women. Some of these women gained some kind of awareness, but mostly men would just get credit for these women, as they were still reckoned to have done the work that the women had actually accomplished.

In the sixties and seventies of 1900, it was, apparently, considered to take back control by burning your bra as to tell men to fuck right off. Well, there’s one way.

What seems most odd to me now, is that some of the women who have big influence on young women -so that’s young women who are the experts of tomorrow in ANY kind of workfield, which is a right that has been faught for quite fiercely before these bra-burners- use this as an excuse to move in sexy ways on a stage (Miley Cyrus), or pose nude for some fancy magazine (Kim Kardashian) in hopes of getting the message through AND gain respect from all around. I’m sorry to the above mentioned ladies, but not only does your music suck, Miley Cyrus (this is a personal opinion only, so don’t fret), but telling girls to act as you do, has nothing to do with empowering women.
Because Miley Cyrus seems to forget: not everyone is as assertive as she might be. Nor so extravert. Girls who act like her, might not get away with it. They DO get sexually harassed. For looking like her. For wanting to be her. For not having her same way of acting. For not being able to say ‘no’, when a boy/man wants to have his way with a the girl that wants to be sexy and has no idea what it means. So in a way, you’re making them victims before anything has even happened.
Because Miley Cyrus so strongly believes that what she does is the only way to sell those records. My advice: learn to sing. You don’t need to walk the stage naked if you can actually sing. Singing, the creation of music by any instrument, should be left to those with talent. That way it sells.

Back to Kardashian: in what universe do you think that being famous for a sextape, having absolutely no talent whatsoever (everyone can appear in a reality soap, don’t even try that one, and your make-up is so fully applied that I’m sure one cheek alone -pick which ever- could feed an entire starving family for an entire week) gives her any rights to tell other women about objectification and feminism?
This actually made me laugh out loud. A women taking control of the world by just letting her boyfriend-turned-husband pay every magazine on the globe to have her on the cover? Yes, oh, you’ve convinced me now! I’m sure you got that far with your brains. I’m sorry I couldn’t even type that without pissing myself from laughing.

There ARE quite a lot of women out there who actually deserve respect and who will do a great deal more to make the position of women better on a daily base.
Such as Sandi Toksvig, the Danmark born comedian from the UK who recently turned into politics to be able to actually make a better place for women possible from a political angle, just as Hillary Clinton is aiming to do, though not with the same perspective.
My own relatives who have setup a project in Brasil (SHE MOVES) that makes it possible for young women to study so they can have a better life elsewhere (the project reminds of the former Foster Parents Plan, where people could financially adopt a child in a poor country so the child could have a better life). Angelina Jolie, who visits refugees and makes their story heard. Ok, I admit that not all of it is specifically aimed at women, but still; these women make their stay worth while. They actually empower, not just for themselves, but to serve others. The position of women and of other human beings in general. Because to make a change, you’ll have to go out there and make the stories of others heard.

This is what makes feminism important. To make sure women with brains and able to make the world a better place for others, find their stage and can do good.
You don’t just DO that for you. You don’t show naked parts of yourself because you so firmly believe this will make the world a better place for other women around. OK, so you have a lot of fans, but what do they want? To get into your panties.
How is this helping anyone, please?

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