Legally Blonde

27 Aug

This film is two sided for me. Because it’s sold as ‘airhead goes to Harvard and becomes majorly important lawyer’. This is the punchline. Elle is expecting a marriage proposal of her longtime boyfriend Warner, who instead dumps her as he wants freedom for when he will be attending Harvard.

Elle isn’t the kind of girl who just lets go like that. She decides to apply to Harvard aswell, to become the woman of Warners’ dreams. Meanwhile it appears that Warner has simply dumped Elle to persue a new relationship with a girl he met there.

Elle, played by Reese Witherspoon, is just not that dumb to begin with. It appears to me that her ‘airhead’ status is richly underqualified. The kind of things that she specialises in, are just simply a completely different world from the law department. It’s in fashion. There’s a mixup here in whether knowing a lot of gossip is part of that, too, but other than that, I don’t see an airhead to begin with. I do see a major career switch. Made by someone who’s madly in love.

The film itself is a breezy watch. It is light entertainment with a dash of what I mentioned above. Elle Woods gives Harvard a touch of Princess Pink and a little attitude. Given that she likes to help people and the students at Harvard mostly seem to be self absorbed, it’s easy to take her in. Just don’t expect any of it to ever happen for real 😉

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