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I wrote about this before and I will keep doing it. For apparently it’s needed. There’s still people out there who watched the episode of X-files too many times, or listening to doctors that aren’t doctors and don’t have the best interests of children in mind.

In that particular episode of the X-Files, vaccines of smallpox are being kept by the government to rule over mankind.

This is a scifi series. Meant to bring the thrill of theories that could be true and at the very least, make the series believeable for that theory. It gives the idea that the fake doctor who once connected autism to vaccination, grounds. It doesn’t IRL, but it makes people think that there is a connection.

Vaccinations have been made ever since people found out it helped to prevent illnesses.
Not just any illnesses, I hasten to say.
Because not all illnesses need prevention.
Not all illnesses bring the risk of your babies’ health, physically or internally, being damaged forever. Not all illnesses bring the risk of your babies’ life being taken.
The diseases that have vaccines are the vile ones. The ones that can cause a lot of trouble. The ones that DO come with exactly the risks as described before.
Paralysis, for instance, when it comes of polio, or blindness, severe damage of organs such as liver, brains, bones and so on. The kind of damages a child will not overcome. In some cases – which we have seen the last couple of years due to incredibly stupid bastards who keep claiming vaccines are dangerous- even death.
Vaccines are being made for many diseases, mostly to protect vulnerable groups of people. To protect them from the nasty side effects that some diseases can bring, or just to prevent them from getting sick at all.

So how come parents don’t vaccine their children? Is it just doctors? People who have been ‘awoken’ by these doctors and simply believe everything is true? Does Jim Carrey have to many followers whilst he is, pardon my French, nothing but an actor who dropped out of school to pursue an acting career? The fact that his ex-girlfriend Jenny McCarthy does believe her son got autistic after vaccination does not change that. The doctor whom she believes was the one who got paid to give that false info the world.
Children who are autistic more often don’t show any signs until they are of age.

I have read about the mercury in these vaccines.
First of all: they stopped ages ago to put those in the vaccines. So that reason is no longer valid.
Second, if you’re not a Chemic, you shouldn’t read labels on medications without proper guidance of someone who IS, in fact, a Chemic. S/he will tell you that the chemicals used to produce these vaccines would be lethal if used without the other chemicals that are also part of the vaccines. Don’t forget that even though the government pays and facilitates these companies, also has grown into grownup human beings that have been injected with all of these chemicals. They do know, in fact, what they’re doing.

You see, not all chemicals are bad. Remember Fukushima? How everyone was claiming the radiation was everywhere and big panic came of it when the press told what kind of radiation was being spread? Scary pictures flying about of the amounts of radiation being spread.
Do you have any idea how much radiation was actually dangerous for you?
I’m not saying it wasn’t dangerous for the workers at that time, but it was hugely overreacted what it meant for the rest of the world at that moment.
A banana was, and still is, more dangerous to society than that factory having such a major disaster happening.

So, as I was saying: chemicals CAN have a very healthy function. Mind you, without chemicals you wouldn’t even exist. Nature depends on it. To survive, to provide its earthlings (yes, that’s you too) with the nutitions to survive the whole cherade of nonsense every now and then.

I remember once seeing a program where a mandarin (yes, the small brother of orange) was canned. In parts. Those parts were made by ‘cleaning’ the mandarins with drain clean and hydrocholoric acid.
Many people would say: ‘I’m NOT eating that!!’ but in fact, when used together, it’s completely harmless. You take them out of the can and put them on a pie. Bon appetit, as the French say.

My point exactly when it comes to the chemics used in vaccines. Protest all you want, but since Chemics have a degree and know what they’re doing, those fluid acids are used in such a way it makes a vaccine that, when used, DOES improve the health of your baby. It’s giving your child the biological harness s/he needs to fight germs and viruses that are spread around the world.
By now something to look even more into, as the world population is in deep need of safe places to stay for it’s no longer safe in those places you thought were ‘not here’. Are you crying for those poor Syrian children? Start by caring for your own children. It’s the first step. It’s small, but every big journey begins with that first step.

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