The Walking Dead

31 Oct

This highly popular series on Netflix is a very intriguing one. I spoke to a relative the other day who was disgusted by it -which I can imagine, by the way- and couldn’t understand how her grandchild is obsessed by it. I can.

One of the things you will learn very soon is: NEVER watch it before dinner. Or just after dinner, with a full stomach, relying on some peace and quiet to let your dinner/food settle.
Not gonna happen.
In fact, you might have a very successfull road to veganism ahead of you once you start watching this series.
It is not even a little bit subtle when it comes to killing zombies, or ‘walkers’ as they’re called.

As there are many, many possibilities of ruining this whole event for you with spoilers, I’m not even gonna tell a little about the storyline.

Instead, I will tell you that despite it being the grossest series I’ve ever watched, I have to admit I’m incredibly taken by the make-up artists, the robot building or whatever they did to make it convincing. It is truly amazing! Also, the dialogues during occurances with these so-called walkers have a certain touch to it. I’d say Tarantino-like. Except it’s not actually in the talking, it’s in the handling. Yes, they talk in this series. About pretty serious stuff. While they’re killing zombies. So it’s nearly:

‘Well, good morning to you too!’ [spashes zombie-head in with bat, guts spill out]
‘I thought we were gonna talk about this?’ [pierces zombie-eye out with screwdriver, heavy panting and dying]
I’m sorry, but if it’s done in that way, it will make me laugh. In the sense of: ‘what the f*** just happened?!?’

Also: this series is pretty much the only one that I’m aware of, that shows a world without any mobile/electrical devices. Cars and motorcycles, yes, but no access to any kind of computer. Which makes communication goes back to the early days of whenever.

Oh, and the acting is not so bad either! šŸ˜‰

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