Big Hero 6 (review)

03 Nov

Such a cute film about nerds! Big Hero 6 tells the tale of youngster Hiro, who is very intelligent, but kind of lost track to what’s important. Which means he rather goes out for robot fights to earn money, than to actually accomplish something useful and less dangerous/violent.
He has a big brother, Tadashi, with whom he lives, along with their aunt. Tadashi works at a lab where Hiro has never been, and when Tadashi has, one night again, saved Hiro’s ass while robotfighting, Tadashi decides to bring Hiro to his work.


Hiro is so mightily impressed, he finally decides what he wants: to attend the college attached to the lab his brother works for.

One of the things I like so much about this film is that intelligence is made funny, witty and charming. You instantly fall in love with Honey Lemon’s bounciness and Wasabi’s clumsiness while he is such a perfectionist, really. And as an adult you won’t be able to keep quiet when Baymax makes his Rainman-like comments 😉
It felt like watching a cross of Big Bang Theory, James Bond, Inspector Gadget, and a superhero movie a la Spiderman (for instance).
It is too bad, however, that the clou is been given away too quickly. I do think that the children who this film is aimed at, will have figured it out almost immediately.

Which doesn’t mean one cannot enjoy this film. On the contrary. The action scenes aswell as the slower, emotional scenes are an excellent watch.

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