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Jurassic World, review

With Christ Pratt, Bryce Dallas Howard, Vincent D’Onofrio, Omar Sy and others. I watched this film when I was very bored and it was perfect for that occasion 🙂

Jurassic World tells the story of two boys, Gray and Zach (played by Ty Simpkins and Nick Robinson), who are send away on a vacation to their aunt Claire (Bryce Dallas Howard) in Jurassic World, the legacy of John Hammond. Why this has been arranged, doesn’t really come forward.

Having seen the first Jurassic Parc film, this one doesn’t even come close to have the same thrill. Things go wrong as is meant to happen, but nowhere near as wrong as in the first part. While there’s parts in this film that do recall that very first film, which does give it a nice ‘ah, yes, I remember’ nostalgia-touch, I guess.

It is funny to recognise so many things that would indeed be part of such a themed parc if it would exist. The load of mobile devices to photograph the animals, the alternative ‘dolphin’ show, the petting zoo for the smallest dinosaurs, meant for children to indeed pet the dinosaurs.

Meanwhile, not a lot happens in this film. Mostly thanks to Chris Pratt, who is reanacting The Horse Whisperer with dinosaurs. With his lovely sidekick Barry, played by Omar Sy. Who you remember from Intouchables. Obvious why he was chosen to play this part, which he does very gracingly.

Vincent D’Onofrio is the bad guy, but the baddest about him is actually his beard. Or that would be my interpretation. In the first film it’s obvious who’s the bad guy and why, given that Nedry simply doesn’t care if anyone lives, as long as he has his money. So the scene with the dinosaur there brings a certain amount of satisfaction, whilst in this film, you’re watching the scene, thinking ‘yeah, right’, because it’s not that realistic in ANY situation what is depicted here. Hoskins is more of an experimentalist. Which means his theories are against those of the amusement park, but lets face it: if all this were true, people would indeed want to know if dinosaurs could be used in a battle to defend something. Hoskins is deeply unpleasant, but actually the people behind the amusementpark are not necessarily the good guys when it comes to theories of ‘if you have total control of an animal, what would you do with it?’

The relationship with the parents of the boys is being depicted so weird that you’re wondering why the hell the studio decided to keep that story in at all? It’s not worked out properly. There’s a few hints of it not going too well between the parents, but no such sight between the parents themselves. All you see is the sisters (mother and aunt Clair) not getting along over the phone, where mother says that her eldest can be so mean to the youngest. Of which you also see no proof at all during the entire film.
Bryce Dallas Howard is bitchy, like I expected her to be after seeing The Help. The funniest scene of her is when Chris Pratt tells her she can’t come along with him:
‘Not wearing those shoes!’
*adjusts clothes*
‘What are you doing??’
-Well, I’m ready to go NOW!’
When basically, she has done nothing. Except for unbuttoning the first 2 buttons of her blouse and tie the ends into a knot.

All in all it’s an amusing film to watch in itself, but don’t expect anything major. If children wouldn’t have such a vivid imagination, I’d almost say that children the age of 10 can easily watch this, but given that I myself have recently seen The Walking Dead and was kind of anticipating on anything, that may be a bit much. Nevertheless, I can’t say this film is really that scary. It’s too contained.

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Hatespreading and platforms

I do like social media. The news, gossip and funny jokes never stop. ALso the interaction with people who seem to think the same or different (for the discussions here and there). It’s refreshing and it keep syou on your ties.
Since newspapers and radio channels are also part of twitter, it’s possible to have a bit more serious tones on your timeline or feed(as it’s called).
The only time when it’s therefor not that pretty, is when hatespreading is occurring.
It spreads like wild fire on twitter.
I like to retweet things that seem important to me. A retweet, for the unfamiliar twitter user, is when you push a button to repeat a tweet on your own timeline or feed. People who follow you will be able to read exactly what you read.
I retweet things that I laugh about, but also more serious matters.

However, when the happenings in Paris occurred, I did not login to twitter. For the first time I noticed how social media is helping the bastards who claim responsibilities to these acts. They thrive on being known on twitter.
Because social media are everything.
They know exactly how these things work. They know how stupid people are. To respond to the urge they get from the bottom of their belly and just punch the button to retweet. Which is where a message is kept in its original state and goes ‘viral’, as it’s called.
Someone posted a video of people running away screaming after/during the Paris attacks. Retweeting that would have literally spread fear. Because of course running away screaming is what normal people do if a gun is pointed in their direction and you have no idea what you did to deserve such a thing.

Then again, there’s also people like Katie Hopkins, Miley Cyrus and KIm Kardashian. Who also thrive on the power of these media. Women that have barely any use in life, despite what they may think themselves. And of course, this doesn’t matter if you lead the kind of life that Miley and Kim do. Their appearance and the social media are their life. Miley sings, yes, but this is not how she earns her money. Not really.

Katie Hopkins is a different story. She disappoints me even more. A woman that is so educated and throws it all away to be nothing more than some hatred clickbait. To create an atmosphere in which your children are so thoroughly hated, just because they’re her offspring…it’s scary. I’m sure she thinks she is much loved by a lot of persons, but in reality I think her biggest concern should be her legacy of hate.
Does she really want her children to know, at a later age, that so many people have wished her dead? That she was so incredibly keen on the perfect shape of body that comments on someone’s appearance are considered ‘her right’? Would she really? I can easily imagine one of her children developing an eating disorder by the unhealthy approach Katie Hopkins has on the matter. Not just her own children, children globally. I do know Katie Hopkins doesn’t care about those children. They’re not hers, so why would she care? The only thing Katie Hopkins cares about is her right, her ability, to spread the word that she, Katie Hopkins, despises fat persons.

Which is why I’m so incredibly surprised that this same Katie Hopkins is given such a big platform. BBC radio, for crying out loud, talkshows, a column in a newspaper.
I do understand there’s a great deal of money concerned. People are stupid enough to want to listen to someone who tells them something that will make them angry. Lord knows why. It’s just true. People like to be offended these days.
In a time where fear and hate are being spread like wild fire as it is, shouldn’t there be a bigger platform for those who try to aim for a better society? Especially educated broadcasters as BBC?

Also, as I said: I’m disappointed in Katie Hopkins herself. Not so much for her hate spreading. Whomever loves to be hated, must have some weird ’50 Shades of Grey’relationship with themselves that I’m far more rather unaware of.
What concerns me is this: why would anyone who has studied, who has had good chances in life, throw it all away to become what’s basically nothing more than a Kim Kardashian (famous for a sextape) or Miley Cyrus (latest seen wearing a strapon dildo with glittering balls)?
The most superficial beings ever. Concerned about nothing else than their appearance? Not being asked for their wit (because you’re not, Katie Hopkins) or their intelligence, but purely to perform a trick. Sit up straight and tell everyone what you think. It’s easy. So easy, anyone could do it.

I’d say that’s beneath someone with such prudentials. Then again, you’re so happy with it, that probably you’re not. You couldn’t live up to the standards. You’ve made your life out of being hated. It’s how Hitler started, you know.

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