American Horror Story Season 1 & 2 (review)

03 Jan

I started watching this by accident, as I was looking for a scary film I could just turn off after 5 minutes for it being too scared.

It all starts with a house. A house that’s being sold to a couple who has had a rough time coping with all kind of things. What those things are, unrevels itself during the season (duh), but with interesting twists and turns during the whole process.
One that I loved was where the camera goes from one angle to the other to show the different views from both the husband and the wife.

There’s a few funny things about this series:
1) each season can be watched seperate from ever having seen the other seasons.
2) the actors playing the parts return into the same kind of character (but different roles) each season
3) not every season is as entertaining.

Watching the first season, which has a rich sauce of The Others, The Sixth Sense and The House of Spirits amongst it, I was immediately captivated with the first episode. This disappeared for a while, then it got interesting again. In my opinion: watch the first episode, then skip to 4th or 5th one.

The humour in this series is priceless. It’s extremely dark in certain episodes (this will be even worse at continuing seasons), but for who is into that, this series rocks at times.

My review about Season 2 is rather short: I didn’t like it that much, as it’s solely based on abuse of power within an asylum run by church people (nuns, priests).
It hardly has any ‘X-Files’ touch to it. It does, just not in a way that fits the season in my opinion.
I didn’t find much humour in it, so I skipped over most of the bits. It could be I missed a few spots because of that, sorry.

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