Weekend Away

20 Jan

So my husband and me had a meeting of friends in the UK. Friends we have known for years, through a game online. My husband being even more familiair with them, as he has been playing that game for years before I came into his life.
A weekend to meetup was planned, rooms for a local Premier Inn were booked -we were not the only ones from a bit further away- and activities to do during the day were being brainstormed about.
All very nice.
The weekend started well, with us taking a plane and finally smelling the true British air again (I may have exaggerated a little here, but I happen to love the country, so sue me).
When we arrived at the airport, one of our friends was waiting for us. As we hadn’t found a code for that yet, I kissed the friend on the cheeks three times, as is a Dutch custom. It’s not British, so the friend was slightly overwhelmed, but all was good and we got into the car.
The way with roundabouts was a bit fearsom for me. The friend drove excellent, nothing wrong there. It’s just that my body couldn’t adjust to going against the directions. It’s always weird at first.

Then, we arrived at the hotel.
This was where it got awkward. Funnily awkward, but still awkward.
Not only did I notice it was possible here to ‘pay by the hour’ (which I’m sure is the case in many other hotels, just not so obviously written down a chalkboard), the room had been arranged by our friend. So hubby and me stood behind the friend, who paid the room, gave us the key and told me he’d ‘see you later!’ (as he was supposed to put supper on the table for his kid).
After I had stopped laughing at the possible wrong interpretation of what just had occurred, we decided we might aswell have some ‘action’. We used condoms at the time, as contraceptive pills make me go ballistics for nothing and I didn’t feel like that.
Afterwards I said: ‘I am not going to throw the condom in the bin. Not after Friend paid the bill. It will look even more weird?!’ hubby agreed.
We decided not to do anything with it, except for rolling it into some toiletpaper and put it next to the tea tray.
After that, we went out to have a grab of food.
Hubby and me aren’t the tidy types that get rid of junk immediately. So we watched a film on our laptop afterwards, had a stroll into town -the other friends for the meetup wouldn’t arrive until the next day- and so on. Next day: ‘ah yes, that blasted piece of rubbish! Oh well, first lets have breakfast, then be rid of it’, as we had seen big bins outside to throw it in, but those weren’t on our route to have breakfast. They were at the back of the hotel.
So out we went to have breakfast.
To discover, upon our return, the loo-roll rubbish had disappeared. Including, quite possible, some remarks that weren’t very much in our favour.


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