21 Jan

Reading about this, it brings me back to a story that involved the friend of one of my siblings.
I had been on my first holiday for weeks, my parents came to collect me and my mother took me for a swim.
Whilst taking a dip -in a wonderful lake in Austria- I asked my mother:
‘So what’s new?’ and she told me that Paul, a friend of one of my sinlings, had been nearly stabbed to death one night.
‘What?!’ I cried in shock. I nearly drowned because I forgot to peddle my legs in shock.
‘Yes, it’s a bit of a horror-story’, my mother continued in seriousness when I got back up.
It appeared that my sibling wasn’t even around at the time. Paul was lucky in a few ways: he was very close to where my parents lived and he managed to get there all by himself.
At 2AM in the morning, he rang the bell of my parents house. Which wasn’t a normal time for them to be awake at all. Paul was -again- lucky my other sibling happened to be at home and up late. So he opened the door, found a heavily bleeding Paul on the doorstep. He took Paul inside, knowing who he was. They woke up my parents and phoned the hospital (which was very very close to the house. Again thankfully). Paul was rescued that night by many factors that were in his favor.
The boy who did it was kicked out of this circle of friends. He ate mushrooms. The kind that can give you a rush. He didn’t understand the impact of his actions, not even after:
‘Paul is alright now, isn’t he?’ was his response when they told him to fuck off forever.
The boy ony apologised when he was told to do so.
Not every child is the same, ofcourse. But these boys were about 14, 15 years old. The girls who planned to kill their friend are 12. Even though teenagers don’t always show literally what they’re thinking of, it should be made clear that killing another human being should never be a game in any way.
Paul survived to tell the tale. My parents didn’t have to tell us it was dangerous to go to the place where the teens had hung out before. My sibling didn’t need a lecture. Simply never attended that spot again.
But these were sane teenagers, with 1 being the idiot to eat drugs before knowing what that does to your body and mind. Not everybody gets to be that lucky to experiment in a way that doesn’t hurt anybody.

We are very happy Paul is still among us and, to this day, part of my siblings’ circle of friends.

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