The Secret Life of Bees (review)

10 Feb

The story of runaway Lily (played by Dakota Fanning) and Rosaleen (played by Jennifer Hudson). Lily grows up with just her dad, as she accidentally shoots her mother when she’s four years of age. This happens while her parents are in a fight and her mother actually wants to defend herself from her violent husband, but instead drops the gun. Lily tries to give it back and this goes wrong.

It is set in Carolina in 1964, which means there’s still a lot of racism and apartheid going on. The scenes where this takes place are very powerful and the acting is class at such moments. Despite the fact that I don’t think Dakota Fanning is a bad actress, she defenitely doesn’t show her best features in this film. Too bad, as it theme surely is dramatic enough to put your full efforts on display.

In search of a safe place to stay, Lily and Rosaleen endup in a honeymaking household family, ran by the sisters Boatwright (Alicia Keys, Queen Latifah and Sophie Okonedo). Their play is what captures your heart fully. Dakota Fanning is, in these moments, really just passing by figure, even though she’s technically the main part.
Paul Bettany, who plays T-Ray, Lily’s dad, doesn’t really get a chance to act, but what he does, doesn’t convince much either.

You should watch it, but as soon as the ramblings of Lily get on, just push FF…

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