Gym class

11 Feb

I can’t say I ever truly hated gym. Sure, I was never very good at it, but generally I was OK with it. My class wasn’t the kind that made fun of each other’s bodies. Were they nice? No, but in general, our bodies weren’t the things that we paid attention to. Sometimes a bra, shirt or new shoes would be a topic of conversation, but usually it was the type of deodorant. I didn’t start using that stuff until these gymclasses. Because it was so cool to be able to answer the question: ‘is anyone carrying deodorant?’ with ‘yes!’ It was like having the best sweets in town or something. Everyone would treat you like you were ace, because all the others forgot. It was a short victory, usually, but still: how many victories do you usually have at school? My general score in any department of being ‘cool’ was zero.
Anyhow, that was after gymclass. I do remember one particular class.
One of my teachers, called Mr Sheep (yes, really) had put out the big blue-whale-seized mat as he was about to learn us how to make a salto in the air.
You were supposed to run up to it, jump on a trampoline, do a salto, then land of the big mat.
As Mr Sheep was aware we could slide off quite easily -because of the running before- he decided to put some small mats around the blue-whale-sized one.
This ended up being a great idea.
For I was part of his gymclass.
I never seem to land where I’m supposed to. I’m not sure whether that’s genetically, technically or just physically. Tell me to go straight forward and I end up going right, left or down.
When it was my turn to try this nice little excersise, I ran, I jumped, I missed out on the salto, I simply slid right through, on enormous speed, making Mr Sheep having to jump behind me (as he was on top of that mat), being able only to get my knee, as all the rest of my body had already fallen off. There I was, in the crack between wall and mat.
‘I’ve got you!’ he yelled, while I could see his face and his arm above me, like he’d just saved me from dropping into the sea or something.
I couldn’t help laughing very, very loud.

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