Column (whimword entry)

12 Feb

Mr Frat was with his hands in his hairs. How long could it possibly TAKE for that silly new journalist Ms Bubbles (or was it ‘Babbles’? He quite forgot) to write that new column of hers? He had given her the special spot for the occasion during the weekly meeting, as everybody else was otherwise occupied. Mr Howards was doing the coverage of Wordly Events, Mrs Grimm was giving the Gossip page all its dirt, while Mr Thompson and Mr Jones were trying to get into all games for free to cover the Sports section. Ms Bubbles (or ‘Babbles’), the intern, was quite new at all of this, so he simply had stated:
‘You will cover the column. Easy enough, write something nice about your colleagues, show them what a proper team we all are!’
Easy enough, right?
Mr Frat did think so. He would have expected her to follow her fellow colleagues like a little hipping bird, curious and insightful with asking stupid questions -interns usually did, and learned.
Unlike his expectations, she had been nowhere to be found. Instead, she had asked for a coverage of her travelling expenses. As he knew that Mr Howards was about to go to München for some gathering of meetings there, he had agreed to indeed pay for that.
Then he had spoken to Mr Howards and he had found out that Ms Bubbles (or ‘Babbles’) hadn’t been on his side at all!
It was only three hours before the deadline and whilst all of the office was buzzing with news articles being written, edited, rewritten, computers being tossed aside, internet connections being sworn into the deepest pits of hell -because Mr Smith, the coffeelady, had accidentally trod on the internet cable and had no idea and as a result of this, nobody had even thought of checking the darn thing- and pencils being used as a spoon for quick cups of noodle soups in between, as everyone had forgotten to unload the diswasher and pencils really are second best to that, no?
‘OK OK man, breath in, breath out!’ Mr Frat told himself.
‘Do we have the number of her cell?’ he started to think where he even kept his list of contacts, until his mobile started to buzz. He was a bit distracted by that, until he saw who was ringing him.
‘Ms Bubbles, where the hell are you?!’ he shouted.
‘I’m in Greece, you wanted me to cover a column and for it to say something nice about the team, no?’ she stated.
‘Well, yes, but…’ Mr Frat replied, a bit stunned.
‘Why did you go to Greece for that? You could have done it here!’
‘There are no columns at our office, you silly!’ Ms Bubbles stated.
‘Here, I’ll send you what I made’.
Mr Frats’ phone beeped again. He was quite stunned.
A pic of Ms Bubbles, next to a column, which she had covered in a banner of last year’s team in Christmas jumpers…

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