Apps and their use

06 Apr

Quite regularly I’m being asked by relatives: do you have this or that app? Nine out of ten times, my answer is ‘no’. I do have a few apps on my phone, don’t get me wrong, but I don’t see the use of all of them.

It started with Facebook. When that was the sole one on the market, it was working quite well. People you didn’t want in your circles simply didn’t pop up, it was possible to block idiots and the advertisers weren’t stalking you. There was WhatsApp for sending text and pictures in messages for free, unlike the max on your phone.

Now you have a zillion versions of Facebook and WhatsApp. Because, seriously, none of the new apps available do much else than what was offered originally.
I threw both Facebook and WhatsApp off as soon as I discovered that not only was my privacy not intended for me (according to the companies behind them), they weren’t even trying to conceil they actually did exchange all your contacts, whereabouts and what you were sending to someone else.
I do like to have some sort of control. So I threw those apps off, chose new ones with a little better agreements. A little better, since companies do truly believe they own you. Through your own device, yes, but still.

Also, I don’t get the fuzz about most apps. Instagram was declared completely hot. I have it and I really don’t get it. Why is it being praised so much? It’s nothing short of facebook. People sharing pics with, sometimes, a load of text and hashtags. I rather use twitter, my only true addiction. I do get happy exchanging jokes on my screen, an occasional picture flying about and that sort. And twitter provides you with the chance of truly interacting with your idols.

So no, I won’t be installing Snapchat, FaceTime or any other app that might come available to promise me that this ‘will REALLY get me in touch with those I want’. I already have that, it’s on my phone aswell. It’s called ‘phoning’….

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