30 Apr

you don’t know what hit you
that all someone needed to do
was to ask: ‘how are you, sweetheart?’
It’s like someone threw a bullseye dart
into your board of Zen
you can’t breath, not even count to ten
you’re incapable of thinking
your mind feels like a ship that’s sinking
no way of getting out, the sorrow that goes in waves,
have hit you and there’s a storm out. No caves
to hide in, just you and the feelings
you haven’t bared in a while, squirming out like eelings
shocking, hurting, slapping you around
you feel like you’re about to be drowned
except that isn’t true
it’s the lack of a sensible life to pursue
you feel like shit has just hit the fence
and it’s only a dude asking for a pence
outside the supermarket where you just did shopping
man, you have some issues with your cropping
(of feelings, that is!
It’s not a game of Tetris,
you have to actually deal with it once in a while
and if not, find yourself a proper phone to dial
the number of 0900-FIND-ME-A-THERAPIST
’cause this ain’t going nowhere, period!)

Yes, so it doesn’t rhyme. Or float well. Whatever
Bite me, endeavour.

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Posted by on April 30, 2016 in Poems


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