Johnny Depp & Amber Heard

28 May

Since I’m not an expert on either of these people -I have never met and talked with either of them- I’m just gonna go with what I DO know.

That Amber Heard is setting a perfect example for women. If you read the article, you’ll notice I have no grounds to say that Johnny Depp is guilty of actually doing what she claims he has done, so I’m 100% not talking about that. I’m purely talking about her response to such an action.
In that alone, I completely agree with her.
No woman should EVER allow ANYONE, but especially her loved one, to abuse her. In any way. Especially when it’s accompanied with ‘don’t tell anyone, I’ll give you money in compensation’.
ANY person on this planet can tell you: it doesn’t stop there. No matter who it is, and no one who respects him/herself, should think: ‘I deserved that’. Yes, there are moments of anger, there are moments of frustration within a relationship, but those who love and support each other, do know how to fight the feeling in their underbellies which tells them to fight for their own territory.

It’s this part of me what admires Amber Heard. She did act upon her gut feeling to step up to a judge and file for a divorce. How many women do you know who are this strong? Who dare to file a complaint to someone they truly love and still have the whisdom to think: ‘no, this is NOT worth it’? You hear about lots of women who don’t, because usually they aren’t famous and them being slapped isn’t considered news worthy. That’s why I’m so glad that she did.

I do love Johnny Depp. I have no idea if these accusations are true. So I’m very happy I don’t have to look into the papers.
Because Amber Heard filed for a divorce, I can still enjoy the bad acting jobs he has been chosing since being with her (sorry Johnny, I do love you in anything Burton or as a Pirate)and I am able to tell him: ‘you stupid, you never should have left Vanessa Paradis. And not just because you were perfect together, you picked better films when you were still with her’.

Again: I’m not picking sides, I don’t know either of them well enough.

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