Bonkers, by Jennifer Saunders

25 Jun

This autobiography of Jennifer Saunders is simply perfect. It is as lighthearted as it is serious, doesn’t bore for one bleedin’ second (I’ve read biographies that couldn’t live up to that one), it’s a delight to read.

Jennifer sets out how herself and Dawn French became aquantainted, befriended and then crawled up the path to fame. As far as I’ve understood, being a daughter of an RAFman greatly helps 🙂 also, not being very good at interviews at universities for other, more serious studies, leads to this. Well, for Jennifer.

What amazes me in the book is how impeccable Ms Saunders is with her timing. She knows, just from the other end of the book -the writing part-, how people will react on her written statements. It is as if Edina Monsoon is personally following you through the reading, is shouting at you with it! You can just hear it. Feel quite intimidated. And still can’t help laughing.

Though Ms Saunders tells you at the very beginning that she’s horrible with chronological orders, of course the editor of the book took care of that. So it does seem like she’s in control after all. She does start every chapter by telling you in what scene you have landed. Very friendly so 🙂

Jennifer makes it sound like she has had a very easy life in a way, but at the end you have to conclude that the woman is so very talented. She gets away with everything, because, well…SHE IS JENNIFER SAUNDERS, HELLO!!

Her words somehow got to me even more as I recognised her feelings towards people she admires or tv show hosts and such. She closes up like an oyster. Can’t speak. Can barely move. Just instantly. Very nice if someone ace just happens to sit next to you and is being nice to you. The shame you feel afterwards when that happens! I mean I’m not famous so it never happens to me personally, but I have some (more or less) famous people in my family, so it does happen at birthday bashes and such, that an oocasional famous human enters the livingroom and I’m like: ‘wow, that’s !!’ and I will just be so insanely stupid. Not able to talk, like a normal person, instead sweat and either say nothing or appear far too enthusiastically and break something.

Anyway, back to the book.

Jennifer Saunders has a lovely, sincere and spontaneous way of writing. She tells a lot, namedrops (as she has been told to do so, she mentions at the very beginning) and quite frankly, makes it even more easily to love her as you already did (or at least I did).

She also mentions her fight with breast cancer, and as the wife of a Radiation Expert, I do feel the need to add a few things here. Not because Ms Saunders doesn’t mention them incorrect, it’s just an FYI, nothing special.
She mentions she was injected with something. I don’t know the actual name, but let me tell you what it does: this radioactive material is made to attach itself to the bad cells, meaning that if they make a special scan/picture of you, lymphes with bad cells in it, will appear on screen. It’s like putting a magic marker in your system to show what parts are needed to treat.
This is not the kind of pic/scan you want to be able to see much of yourself on! It also hardly shows you as a person at all, much more like a Rohrschach butterfly or sorts.

Back to the book again. Which is fantastic, not much of any surprise really. It has two sections of added pictures for more fun, both of the beginning of The Comic Strip, the double acts and so on, as their personal life. It’s so cute to see quite such a soft side of Adrian Edmonson 🙂 (I was first introduced to his Vyvyan-version, quite a different side of him!)

A must read if you’re a fan, also a must read if you are into comedy at all. So much to learn from this clever lady!

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