02 Aug

Him: ‘blimey, I haven’t seen you in ages! How are you?’
Her: ‘yes, it has been a while. I’m fine thanks!’
Him: ‘so why haven’t we met for so long?’
Her: ‘probably because the last time we met, you kissed me’
Him: ‘did I?? I don’t recall?’
Her: ‘it still happened’
Him: ‘do you have any evidence of this statement?’ *smiles*
Her: ‘well, there’s witnesses…’
Him: ‘we weren’t alone?? This could be nasty…’
Her: ‘nope, my father was right behind you…and my mother was left in front of you. Looking very jealous, I might add..’
Him:’what?! Where was my wife? If your parents were present…’ *nervous giggle*
Her: ‘she was right next to you…’
Him: ‘any case this all happened when I was hammered?’
Her: ‘yup, that’s what my husband said. He was next to me, he saw the kiss coming and ducked. I was too late for that’.
Him: ‘right, so errrr…see you later when I manage to forget we ever had this conversation to clear up my memory?’
Her: ‘it’s a good plan!’

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