Tallulah (netflix)

02 Aug

This film, with Ellen Page and Allison Janney reunites two stars I saw before in Juno.

In this film a homeless young woman, desperate for food, gets mistaken for a hotel housemaid. And suddenly ends up babysitting a very small child of a spoilt brat Beverly Hills woman.

I’ve watched Juno a couple of times. The relationship between Ellen Page and Allison Janney isn’t all that different in this film. The storyline is different, of course, but still: Ellen Page, who plays Tallulah, still doesn’t care what anyone thinks, while Allison Janney, who plays Margo, the mother of the boyfriend who left Tallulah, is the one that has to deal with a sudden intruder in her life.
Given that she’s going through a divorce -that’s she’s not willing to admit to- she is sort of welcoming this intrusion.

It’s endearing to see Ellen Page interact with Madison, the small child (played by twins Liliana & Evangeline Ellis), because you can also see: she wasn’t acting those parts. Children notice when you’re not sincere. Madison had to be a relaxed girl, soothed by her nanny. Ellen Page got her real self out for that. Well done, Page!
Tallulah is also the one that gets the child dressed. Having a background as a babysitter and being very keen on their safety in every angle possible, those scenes with Madison did concern me a bit, but I am quite sure that the ones making the film took proper care. At least I hope.

There’s things that don’t make that much sense in their conversations. Such as Tallulah trying to proof she’s really with Nico, Margo’s  son:
‘Then why do I have his name f****ng tattooed on my arm?!’ well, anyone could tattoo anything they want on their arm?? To me, that’s no proof at all. If I were his mother, I would ask what is his birthday, or what is the color of his eyes, or how does he like his coffee or eggs or whatever. From this one could gather Margo is a pretty lonely person and quite desperate, if you let someone you’ve never seen, enter your life like that.

Though news is coming up quickly about the baby -Madison- being kidnapped, it’s not that fast that Tallulah and Margo can’t go out or anything. They can walk about freely without trouble. How it goes, I suppose? Scary!

I did love to see back Uzo Aduba! Only a tiny part, but still. It’s weird not seeing her flip out like her Crazy Eyes character on Orange Is The New Black, but still: you know she has far more to offer. And let’s face it: you agree with her here.

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