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Renee Zellweger

Looking at what was trending this morning, I saw the name Renee Zellweger popping up. Usually a trending name means someone has either died or said something dreadful.

Not in this case.

Renee Zellweger hasn’t been on the white canvas for quite a while and since she has returned after some years, she unfortunately has had to endure all the pressure of lovely bastard journalists all over again. I’m sure it was exactly why she hid for these years, because BLIMEY?!
Just like Jennifer Aniston has done before her, Renee Zellweger has written an open letter to everyone to tell the world to stop bothering themselves with how either of them chose to live their lives.

Press can make you and break you. They are both fully aware. If you ask me, this is the reason Renee Zellweger chose a more quiet life for the past years. There’s no quiet and peaceful life in FilmWorld. You’re either someone who does a great job, or you’re a woman and you do everything wrong. There’s not much in between, I’ll tell you.

I was surprised to read that Renee has had to endure the babyquestion. It is really that glossy editors think this is appropriate to ask?? Or are journalists really that much of brainless twats, ready to ‘suck the fun out of every situation that’s remotely possible’ as I think I once heard Emma Thompson say on the Graham Norton show?
I mean I know famous people apparantly ‘have to’ endure all kinds of embarrassing questions. Journalists and people who aren’t as famous keep telling the press that: ‘if you choose to be famous, you know people will want to know more of you’.
This in itself is true. I don’t care what size my neighbour’s boxershort is. I do want to know about those people who play in the dramaserie I like to watch, what their opinion on news matters is. Because of their fame, they usually meet people who have more influence on these said matters. Which means they could have a sightfull inside story which could either change my mind or actually confirm what I already thought. I like to see that my heroes and heroins have more brain than just to remember some line in a film and play it with dramatic effect.
Next to that, I want to know if they’re happy and if they’re happy, whether I can do anything about it? Would it help if I simply bought a ticket to the film they’re in (I won’t, because I don’t like theatres, but it would be good to know nontheless), if I buy the dvd-box of the series they’re part of (I will do that!) or that my being entertained and amused watching or reading whatever they’re part of, is enough to make this famous person happy too?

It mystifies me completely as to why a journalist would ask a woman if she’d want babies. You know that joke on the internet which indicates when it’s safe to ask a woman when she’s pregnant? This baby question has an even broader implement.

And yes, I know the film she plays in, happens to depict her as an expecting woman. So what? It doesn’t justify this kind of question. Off the record maybe, but even then: mothers-in-law can expect glass in their tea or coffee after such a question. You’re just a journalist. Know your effing place!
I don’t see anyone asking Bruce Willis if he likes to be kicked in the nuts every time he does a Die Hard film. Or if John Travolta really likes dancing that much every time he does a film where dancing occurs. It’s lame questions, just like this one was. ‘Because it’s in spirit of the film’ is a lame excuse, yes.

You see: I do get how some quotes of famous people or celebrities (I’ve understood, by readingĀ Bonkers! by Jennifer Saunders, there’s a difference between the two, I agree with her) might seem weird, especially out of context, but sometimes I think: it might be the famous person or celebrity wanted to make a point. Specifically asked if the point could be mentioned. In such an event, I do understand. But then: it would be on request of the interviewed one, instead of the one asking the questions.

So, in short: when is it OK to ask a woman if she’s pregnant or in want of spawn?
Answer: NEVER!

There you go, journalists, this one was for free.

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