Black Mirror

25 Oct

This series on Netflix is a weird one. Not only does it only contain 3 to 4 episodes per season, they’re not even slightly connected. The ony thing they have in common is that the techniques that are used in every episode, are widely known to everyone -social media- or could be in our not-so-far-future.
Funny detail amongst that, is that most of the cars -if these are used at all- are from around 1940-1950. Gives it a special ironic twist, in my opinion.
The acting is done properly, with recognisable actors from series you are probably already familiair with, such as Happy Valley, Downton Abbey, etc.

The very first episode reminds so much of a politician being in a similar situation, I was very surprised when I saw it was actually made years before that came up. Unfortunately, the reality of the script in the end was not too realistic -in my opinion- but this episode mostly shows the ‘WTF!?’ factor of this series. It’s there, and your brain gets a bit of a hit every now and then, but not so bad you think: ‘eeeew! I’m gonna skip this shit!’.

The second episode could have done with a bit more story and edge to it. On the other hand, it does resemble how the life that is led, continues. In a bit of a mudpool. Slowly, just going. The first twenty minutes do give an interesting insight in what more could be done with living with virtual reality.

The episode named White Bear gives even an extra twist. It’s like drinking something you have no idea if you like it, to be surprised by it’s afterbite. The way it starts strongly reminds you of how social media works (‘see, film it to have proof, don’t do anything’).

In any case, the episodes all keep you on your toes because of unusual circumstances that the leading person has to deal with. This can be anything, but in one way or another, they are challenged to figure something out and then make the best of it. It’s weird and thoroughly clever. You should try it!


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