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The Good Wife

This series on Netflix is a real attention sucker. Given that binge watching is so easy these days, a series with about 24 episodes per season will give you something to look forward to. And it doesn’t bore.

Julianne Margulies -whom I know from E.R., though I’m sure she did loads in between- is the said Good Wife, Alicia Florrick. She stands by her husband, Peter Florrick, who is into politics, and as such, very vulnerable for any intimate information to come out. Which means that him sleeping with a prostitute didn’t exactly serve him well. Alicia has to present herself as the wife who stands by her husband, knowing full well he did something she deeply disapproves off and has to pretend to the world didn’t happen.

That’s just the first few minutes.

Given that her husband is being jailed for the things he did wrong, Alicia finds herself back to work, after having been a stay-at-home-mom for years. She starts working for a lawyers firm named Stern, Lockhart & Gardner. A very dynamic surrounding and never a dull moment, in whatever way. Though Alicia has to find a way to avoid the ever so denegrating question people keep asking her ‘how’s Peter?’ as if they’ve known him for years and she only got to know the person in front of her for about 5 seconds, you notice she is used to give answers in a political mode. Though she answers in a way that makes her look vulnerable, she recaptures herself within seconds and comes back with an answer that shows her stronger than ever.

The strongest point of this series is, is that it’s based on her being a good wife. The firm she works for has a strong involvement, sure, but it’s not about that specifically, which gives the storywriters the chance to change things within the firm. I like very much how this is indeed done. It’s never dull, twists and turns between people keep things interesting. And though not everyone is constantly happy, all of the characters proof themselves to be flirting and threatening at the same time, with both their opponents as with you, their audience. Which makes it a very pleasant watch altogether.

I’d say watch 🙂

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