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Twelve Years A Slave

The incredible story of Solomon Northup, who became enslaved after living a life as a free an honest man, married and two children.
By the first looks of it, you can’t find a way in which Solomon Northup isn’t an honest guy. He dresses himself and his family well, knows how to provide for them by playing the violin and puts his children to bed himself.
Then, one night, things take an awfully wrong turn. Solomon Northup (excellent play by Chiwetel Ejiofor) is fed drunk by some bastards who promise him golden mountains, and the next morning he wakes up in chains, with nothing else than his shirt and underwear. When he claims to be a free man and is demanded for his papers to proof his statement, this isn’t possible.

The nightmare begins. Without knowing why and how, he is gathered up with some other men who have been taken aswell. They are smuggled by boat to a man who is going to sell them at the market. There it appears, Solomon Northup no longer exists. In the lineup he is pointed to as ‘Pratt’, and he gets beaten when he tells what his name is.
‘Your name is Pratt’, and there’s that.

He has different masters because of all kinds of circumstances. In one case, he is by far one of the favourites of a master, which leads to him nearly getting killed when his master is not there. To protect him from this, his master decides to sell him. Of course, Solomon’s next master is far less pleasant.
It is unbelieveable to see how not only the mental capacity of white people truly used to be ‘you’re black, so you’re mine’ but also it was exceptionally rare to find people who didn’t cling to this incredibly stupid believe. I have seen this in The Help aswell. Some white person could literally state in their Will that their offspring could inherit black persons if they were at the service of these white people. It shocked me so much and makes me more grateful that I was born so much later that this is no longer the case. Then again, for a human race that has developed so many clever mathematician solutions and have put rockets on the moon and other planets, it still seems tremendously stupid that this was done only this century and not at the same time the Bible was created.

But I’m stepping sideways, sorry.

The film has absolutely great acting. Not such a surpris with Chiwetel Ejiofor, Benedict Cumberwatch and Lupita Nyong’o aboard. They really know how to put the proper efford in the characters. Thanks to that, it’s nearly unbearable to watch, but at the same time, such a powerful portrait. Given that this film is based on actually happened events that were, of course, always denied, as Solomon’s name was taken away and switched for Pratt, so that everyone could deny that he ever was there, this film is an absolute Must See.

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Death Penalty

I have to be honest. I’m in favour of death penalty. IF it happened in an honest and clean way. Not the way you see it happening in soaps or read about it in the newspapers. The clean way wouldn’t be to let a jury decide whether a couple of lawyers would have played their deck of cards in such a way that they just won (or lost!) their pokergame.
I’ve been puzzled by how I see these people say: ‘a jury of X people has found him/her/them guilty…..’ etc. So? Because a bunch of people has been convinced someone did it, due to lawyers having their way with the law and objecting against evidence, or not letting people speak because it’s deemed irrelevant to the case or whatever, it should conclude that someone should die?


In my utopic world this kind of court cases wouldn’t exist. It sounds far too much like a certain industry that collects memorabilia for such occasions. Called Oscars. Some people can really act their ass off in court. Some lawyers don’t get along, judges can be convinced of stupid stuff etc.

When I talk about ‘being pro death penalty’, I’m talking about people who have done something so bad to society, that you wonder in what way ever will they be able to be of use to that society. I know lots of psychiatrists would find some of them very interesting, but in that case I’d say: fine, here, your punishment is to be this psychiatrists’ patient until the day you die.
There truly are people who you never want to return to society.

Where I come from (the Netherlands) we’re often accussed of ‘hugging’ our convicted people too much. In some cases I agree.
We have had a child molester, for instance, who raped -and filmed his actions- over seventy (yes, that is 70 children?!). In a few years time. He had done so in Germany previously, and thanks to our nonexisting Judicial Care For Babies and Children. And yes honestly, we don’t (seem to) have that, we only pretend, by some sort of paper that says you’re not convicted for anything. This guy had been able to get that paper, even though he served time in Germany for the same offenses. He got to do it again in the Netherlands, as he wasn’t known in our systems….if only the EU would communicate these bloody things, eh? No, they rather trip over money…
Anyway. He got the paper that said he was a well behaving man, without being one, and got himself a job in Child Care. Got married, tried to adopt a baby. Thankfully, the adoption agencies got cold feet.
He chose his victims well. The ones that couldn’t speak yet. Meaning babies in the ages of about 6 months to 2 years. And yes that was on purpose, he said so. He also babysat at the homes of lots of people, raped their children on the family couch. Said afterwards he had a hard time (yes, seriously!!) to keep his erection clear from sight.
This man only got 20 years jailtime. I would LOVE to see this man shot down, getting a lethal injection or the electric chair. And not even because of his deeds. Because it is so very clear to me that this man will never learn. Will never care. He cooperated in the process, but didn’t apologise once. To any parent, legal advisor or whomever. He simply stated he was a paedophile who needs help and resisted any kind of jailtime, saying he wanted to start his treatment as soon as possible. He bullied the parents of the children by coming up with something new to deny his punishment. He fired his lawyers, so that the process had to be done again, he resisted being observed in a center for behavioral sciences and so on.
Aside that: if you rape over seventy children, how much of a chance is there that any child will EVER be safe around this sorry excuse of a human being? You know the answer: he will never cure from this. He says he wants help, but I have trouble believing this. Also: if you get help in this country, you do get weekends off. As I have stated before: you don’t want this man to ever breath in liberty again. You want him jailed. At all times. You can’t let him go.

So yes, death penalty sounds like a fair option for someone like this.

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