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The Queen

For a film based on truly happened events, they’ve managed to only cast the queen right. Helen Mirren is actually made to look like Elizabeth, while none of the other castmembers seem to really look like their opponents. This shouldn’t matter so much, since it’s only a film. So, too bad they’ve mixed in some actual footage of the time of happening around Diana’s death. They should’ve either remake the footage, or not use it at all.
The story is about the death of Diana and how this effected the children, Charles and the queen. Charles wants a royal funeral, a chopper to be flown in, the queen firmly keeps control.
‘No, this is why the people keep urging to end the monarchy, they don’t want things settled that way’. While Charles wants to honor the mother of his kids. Which is understandable on itself.

Helen Mirren plays, unsurprisingly fantastic. The rest of the film is quite blurry. Although it does explain quite well the circumstances that happened around the same time, since the chosen actors don’t resemble the persons in the footage, it took me a bit to realise what politician was involved in what decisions.

If you like the royal family of England or wanna see Helen Mirren being cast outstandingly, it’s not a bad film to watch. If you don’t, just skip it.

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Grave / La Tomba

Your face is on a plaque.
Never were you in a place so long
as on that silent hill
while thunderstorms are gathering
above my troubled head
no one can stop my thoughts from gandering
about you, my pretty lad
my heart beats for you and tries to find
another rhythm to make a duet
it has to find a melody, unsang
to mend the broken heart

Two pots of ash behind that plaque
which hold the remains of you
the you that was body, mind and soul
now only has dust of body.
You were never alone and even now in death
you have been split up into two
for someone who got married
and someone living by a shore

By hearing nature speak its roar
I realise all the more
you were never mine
it will all be fine
and I should have been less of a bore


La tua faccia è su una placca
Non eri mai su uno posto per un tempo così lungo
Come sopra questa collina tutta tranquilla
Mentre i temporali stanno radunando
Sopra la mia testa turbata

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This series on Netflix came highly recommended by my nephew, who was very impressed by Billy Bob Thornton. Well, I had to check that, no?
Amongst the other actors there’s Martin Freeman (Love Actually, The Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy etc) and Allison Tolman (Prison Break).

The story is quite idiotic to begin with. Man (Lester Nygaard, played by Martin Freeman) who has met former bully in the streets and gets himself hurt in an improbable way, tells himself at the hospital that he should have done something to this bully. Right next to him at that moment, is hitman Lorne Malvo (played by Billy Bob Thornton). Ofcourse, Lester doesn’t know he’s a hitman. They talk about hypothetical murder. Lorne says: ‘yes or no?’ and at that moment the nurse comes by, asking ‘Lester Nygaard?’ and so Lester says ‘yes’. More or less by accident.
Very Arthur Dent, actually.

The storyline never has a dull moment. Despite the fact you never really get to know Lorne Malvo, you do get to see a lot of Lester Nygaard and his trouble with the police department, especially Molly Solverson. Who is convinced Lester is involved in several cases and can’t let go. Though she has a point there, her part is to both annoy and keep the storyline going, apparently. In a way you want to push her aside just as much as her chief does, but then again: she does have a point.

Lester Nygaard is a weird persona. Never has done anything wrong in his life, but when one thing happens, other things start moving too. I never got used to his weird accent. Having seen him in different films, I’m far too aware that he doesn’t naturally sound like that. Despite that, he is very constant with it. But it does give him a very slow, very unnatural way of speaking.

If it wouldn’t have been for my nephew I probably wouldn’t have watched it. I did enjoy it 🙂

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Minors and sex

I read this Observer column of Victoria Coren-Mitchell and couldn’t agree more. I do not know Adam Johnson, nor am I familiar with this particular case, I am, however, with a different one. Steven van de V., a Dutch Volleyballplayer. Who is about to get a sentence of four years for rape. The man is now 21, was 19 when he attended the UK and had contact over Facebook and other social media channels with a girl of 12 years.
12 years. I don’t know how exactly the contacts unfolded, I only know that they have had sex at least three times. Three times, when you’re 12. If you agree to that or not at that age, that’s just wrong. For this Steven van de V. to think this is totally OK. I also do wonder how mature a girls’ body even is at that age?! I think this case reaks of paedophilia. It is not normal to be lured into sexual activity being a 19-year-old when the ‘offered’ other party is 12.
And yes, he knew her age.

As Victoria Coren-Mitchell states: why does this upset me so much?

I think it’s simply because society doesn’t seem to care. Rape is not to be taken seriously. Rape isn’t an issue for many men. For them it’s a question to whetether the contact was voluntarily or not. That factor seems to be far more of a discussion than anything else.
To me, this isn’t important. For lots of people, it seems to be. Because then it’s less bad.

Surprise, surprise, people: we have laws for that. Fact is: having sex with a minor is illegal.
Adam Johnson seems to claim he was pretty much lured into it. A weak excuse. Especially because lured or not, it seems to me he knew exactly what he was doing. He could have said: ‘no, I don’t want this to happen, I get in trouble’. To himself, if anything. He should have stepped out the situation, as that is what adults are supposed to do.

If I think back on how I acted when I had that tender age of 12 years, I feel a lot of shame. Thankfully, the only places where this shame hits me, is when I read my own diaries.
These men should know better. Especially in this age and era. Pushing the law aside for your ego and orgasm is a lot more damaging nowadays than it ever was before. These stories will never be hidden. Every new partner of these girls will be able to read their stories. And they themselves are never considered harm free. Ever.

And I do think sporters have a larger responsibility when it comes to these offerings. Being that much in the public eye, they must be aware of all the temptations around. Are they not aware that girls like this may believe they are out and about with their dreamprince? I don’t think so. These sports men are fully aware of their status and they use it.

I do happen to live in a country where one (chanceless) political party tried, not too long ago, to lower the age where kids are technically adults. Here that is set to 18. They wanted it lowered, as they are paedophiles and deeply wish for their love to be legal.
But no, sorry. The best interests of the child should always be first.
So ‘only a few months until I am of legal age’, is a weak excuse too, but it’s always worse to take advantage of the girl in question. It’s as if she’s on a bike, the man is in the car and she tells him: you can drive as fast as you can, I’ll just be here on my bike and nothing will happen. You know that’s not true. You know she will crash. Wait until she’s with a car. Then you drive safely.


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