The Queen

02 Jan

For a film based on truly happened events, they’ve managed to only cast the queen right. Helen Mirren is actually made to look like Elizabeth, while none of the other castmembers seem to really look like their opponents. This shouldn’t matter so much, since it’s only a film. So, too bad they’ve mixed in some actual footage of the time of happening around Diana’s death. They should’ve either remake the footage, or not use it at all.
The story is about the death of Diana and how this effected the children, Charles and the queen. Charles wants a royal funeral, a chopper to be flown in, the queen firmly keeps control.
‘No, this is why the people keep urging to end the monarchy, they don’t want things settled that way’. While Charles wants to honor the mother of his kids. Which is understandable on itself.

Helen Mirren plays, unsurprisingly fantastic. The rest of the film is quite blurry. Although it does explain quite well the circumstances that happened around the same time, since the chosen actors don’t resemble the persons in the footage, it took me a bit to realise what politician was involved in what decisions.

If you like the royal family of England or wanna see Helen Mirren being cast outstandingly, it’s not a bad film to watch. If you don’t, just skip it.

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