Science Fiction

13 Aug

The thing with science fiction seems to be: you don’t realise it’s either your cup-of-tea or not, until you read some. So many specific types of persons seem to like it (a.k.a. ‘the nerdy ones’), that if you don’t consider yourself to be one of ‘those’ you’ll be like ‘neh, scifi just ain’t for me’.

Funny thing is: part of it really does appeal to a broader audiences than one might think.
I wrote a scifi story/book myself (or tried to) and to get inspired, I read Douglas Adams’ Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy. I don’t know about you, but I was reluctant to read scifi before, not to also not watch any films/movies with that subject. I’ve always loved those. So it was quite refreshing to read the book about the film that I quit liked. The book was so far more hilarious, and the story I was about to write, pretty much went like a train after that.
Then, I started to read more. Not like other books I read, but still: I read a few. Most of those books been handed to me by my father, who is totally into scifi, I did discover another side of these stories: the world views, the utopia’s being created, if you will. The writers creating these alternative worlds, did pick situations which can happen to anyone, and implement the ways of correcting unwanted behaviour (for instance) to a degree where one might think: ‘wow, I wish politicians thought like this?!’
It was a thing that came to mind when reading Heinlein, for instance. Who has an example of a teacher asking a student ‘if your dog behaves badly, what do you do?’
The discussion the two have, shows how views can be simple, but are made more difficult by judges, juries and the people in the courtroom wanting either revenge or some kind of compensation for their grieve (in whatever way, really).

Aside that, the adventurous particle of the story hugely appeals to the mind aswell. After all, that’s why most people even bother to read: to get away from reality and to step into another world.
So all and all I’d say; go for it. Pick a book by a proper author; Heilein is a nice one, so are Asimov, Douglas Adams and I’d add Terry Pratchet to this list if he weren’t more of a fantasy writer. At least I don’t recall him creating any utopia’s. But you can correct me if I’m wrong, as I haven’t read every book that he wrote.

Oh and my own book is When Gods Play Hide And Seek by the way, but that’s quite another story.

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