Woody, Mia, Dylan and Soon-Yi

24 Oct

Oh yes, let’s have an opinion on that, shall we?

Woody Allen is one of the most successfull storytellers of Hollywood. Everyone wants to work with him, thinks his work is amazing, a piece of art and so on.
I’ve been watching some of his films. Annie Hall being one of them and the most recent to that (thank you, Netflix!).
Also, I have read some of the stories that emerged about him. I’ve read how Mia Farrow wrote an eight page epistel of how he did wrong in Variety magazine (or was it a different one?). Then I read how Dylan complained to big stars such as Meryl Streep etc, asking them how they could have turned a blind eye to what Woody did to her?

I have to be honest here: it’s tricky business.
When two people love each other, they will try everything in their power to be together as much as possible. They get married, move in together, have children, that sort of things really. If things go wrong, however, it can take nasty turns. Especially with children involved. Mothers are known to be lions when it comes to their children. They will do anything to protect their cubs from evil doërs. So they should be, they’re the children’s mother, and if they don’t do it, who will? Most probable, it’s the other half involved. Father, or other partner (of whatever sexe really, it’s about the love that’s shared here) will usually do the same, but sometimes with less effort.

Where two people fight, there’s two people at fault, is my opinion. After reading Mia Farrow’s report on what had happened during her time with Woody Allen, I was quite surprised. For I read that there was an unwritten rule in their household that Woody should never be alone with Dylan. Dylan, an adoptive daughter. Not just that, the adoption wasn’t finalized yet when these things occurred. So I do ask myself: why would a mother ask a judge to let a man she doesn’t even trust to be alone with this child, to be the father of this child by law? Why would you do that? If you don’t trust him, why not adopt her on your own and make bloody sure that Woody Allen gets filed for some sort of report?
Because she didn’t.
She did seem to fill Dylan’s head with allegations against her father, about him being evil. I have no idea if any of it is true.
I’m not saying they aren’t.
I’m saying I don’t know.

Woody Allen has, since then, gotten a famous relationship with Soon Yi. We all saw what happened there. With her, he also adopted two children.
I can’t believe a judge would allow someone to adopt children if there was a suspicion of them abusing children in the past?

The whole case does make it impossible for Woody Allen to comment on the Weinstein issue, I’ve noticed. Even though things weren’t necessarily proved or unproved in his (Allens’) case, he did flirt with disaster and that doesn’t give him a strong ‘innocent’ side, I’ve noticed. I agree with him that it’s hard to get away from even the suspicion of abusement, even if you haven’t done anything. The point he is making is valid, as I just said: I don’t know who to believe: Farrow or Allen. Dylan is quite a different story. She is a victim, in whatever way you point it. Either because she has been fed false info as a child (from whichever side, really) or because she has had to endure experience things she should never have experienced in the first place.
Let’s hope that some day one of her parents decides to tell the actual true and tell her ‘Sorry Dylan, I’ve been most unkind to you and your childhood and I will regret doing that for the rest of my life’, and for Dylan to reply by: ‘well, what the hell took you so long?!’

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