Black Mirror, Arkangel

01 Jan

This episode had me bored out flat. Funny, because the essence of the story could be a very interesting one. What if you could indeed inplant your kid with a device that makes it impossible for them to get lost? And if they get lost, at least as a parent, they could be retrieved by a searching system?

But no, this episode, probably based on a book or something, actually doesn’t touch any moral guidelines here. Instead it just shows the life of a solo mother with her only child who briefly gets lost. The mother then decides to get her daughter an implant to always be able to track her down (a concept that I’m sure lots of parents, if not all, would heartly welcome in itself) and you see their lives going on as usual afterwards. There’s no tention of any kind, it’s like watching a reality show that hasn’t been edited properly. Aren’t there ANY hiccups? Yes, there are, but not nearly enough to make it truly interesting.  It’s just a mother and a daughter living their lives, sometimes making a timehop, but still nothing interesting happens.

In former episodes of Black Mirror, at least surrounding details of environment or houses were equipped with something futuristic excitement: not here. The only device is the sort of iPad that keeps track of the daughter.

Aren’t the players playing well? Oh, they are, but since there’s no drama or thrill here, there’s really no need to bother.

Nothing to see here, folks!


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