The other side of #meToo

29 Jan

A while ago I wrote here about my own experience in the #meToo flow. This is not about that.

Ever since the movement #meToo became a hit, people, mostly (young) women, but also (young) men have come forward with their stories about what happened to them.

A good thing, because it has so clearly indicated that the time where huge moguls like Havery Weinstein, who thought they could get away with anything because it was ‘their time’ to be alive, is gone. It showed a fist to all those who thought a body they liked was a body they could just grab whenever they wanted. It showed that there were actually consequences for those who said ‘haha I can abuse my power to end you’.

It also has cast a shadowside over an important thing: telling the truth or not.

It has shocked me how many big names have been smeared who tried to stood up for someone who they believed was being smeared. Catherine de Neuve tried, Angela Lansbury tried and so many others.
‘You’re just as bad as the rapist himself if you defend him on this matter?!’ they were told, stunning them, forcing them to apologise to rape victims of others, because it is now a trend to believe ANYONE who comes forward with their ‘s/he touched me inappropriately!’ story. With or without evidence.

A bad thing, I’d say. Because the judging of most of these people doesn’t happen in court. It happens in the streets, online, it attacks their families if they have them, it attacks their friendships, it jeopardises their job perspectives and so on. And not everyone who makes the claim ‘s/he touched me!’ is ACTUALLY a true victim.
It is still very tricky business.
For cases to be judged by a judge, you need witnesses, evidence. Let’s be honest, people like Harvey Weinstein will always make sure that there aren’t any. So that it seems like you have no case. Unfortunately, a victim can do the exact same thing. Claim that something happened that didn’t happen, because they are disappointed in the said man or woman, or whatever reason they might have. Or because they crave the attention.
It happens more now than you might realise. It’s a game of power.
And no, I’m not saying ALL of the people coming forward should be doubted, I’m saying that every story should be met with caution. You would do that with any case, so why not here?

So if an actor or actress comes forward again and says they’re with someone who has been accused of acting badly, do give them the benefit of the doubt until a judge has actually slammed his hammer in court. You are not the judge, you didn’t hear all the evidence and you can’t be sure as you weren’t there, period.

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