My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2

01 Feb

As it goes with sequels of an earlier successful films, (except for the Shrek series, I thought every film of that one was brilliant!) this is another example of poor judgement. On the plus side: they at least got the entire cast of the first film to play along in this one too. They first all decided to go to a Botox palace, and after that, things still didn’t go all that smoothly.
But still. The film doesn’t have the worst script you could think of (thanks, Nia Vardalos!) and that’s why it’s not too bad.

In this film, we see how the generation of Toula’s brothers, sisters and cousins have reproduced and how all the boys are copying granddad’s pappou’s behaviours and saying. Poor Paris, the daughter of Ian and Toula, who gets to be taunted by them and her own grandfather, to get married at 17.
Of course, this won’t happen.

I think the original plan was to get Paris to be alienated from her family far more, but instead the film becomes a gigantic clownesk representation of what infiltration of a different culture might feel like on regular Americans.
It is funny to see how the family has moved on to iPads and smartphones and so on.

As a hole, the film isn’t much, but in retrospect: it’s not as bad as some other sequels I’ve seen of other successful films. It’s not ‘Shrek 2’ good, though…plus, the soundtrack of the first one was far, far better.

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