The Break

02 Feb

A French thriller.
It starts out so well. A teen is found dead in the river, in a small village in the Ardennes, Belgium. They’ve put an inspector with a fuzzy backgroundstory at the head of investigation (of course) a police officer (the doofus) who has an affair with a woman who wants to build a dam in the neighbourhood (money factor) and the cop’s only child who has her own life at school and gets neglected most of the time.

Yes, all the factors are there.

To be fair, from the beginning I have been skipping through the therapie sessions. I’m not sure I missed much because of that, to be fair. Peeters, the troubled cop, turns out to be a very bad one anyway. You see him struggle to keep his act together with pills and stubbornness. He is not very convincing, to be fair. He is not convincing as a father either. WHo would leave their daughter to it for their job all the time? They have moved to a quiet village so she could have a better life. You don’t ignore her for over 70% of the time then, it doesn’t make sense.
Peeters has a colleague, Drummer, who becomes furious with Peeters -in itself you get that he’s very angry- but you don’t get is why nor Peeters nor Drummer is taken off the case. You see that happening more than once in series, it really doesn’t make sense why that doesn’t happen here.

The credibility of the entire policeforce crumbles around episode 6-8. And the one who wrote it, clearly forgot to tie the ends of previous episodes together, or to vary a bit more with credibility in total. All of the characters seem to suffer from a hint of paranormal behaviour. When it would be a group of people who hung on to some sort of cult, that would be believable, but this series just makes it clear that it couldn’t, for the sake of it, leave things to gut feelings, a lucky or strange find, or anything like that. So dreams it is then, for all involved? Yeah, I suppose that’s possible, but it’s taking away the shock/surprise effect after more than a few, to be fair!

It’s not a bad watch, but don’t expect too much surprises, as the storyline just isn’t capable of doing that.

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