Line of Duty, season 4

04 Feb

Having seen the previous seasons -except for season 1, I should add, because Netflix never showed me that one- I was curious about the fourth one. The seasons I’ve seen before had quite a strong storyline and knew pretty well how to keep the tention.

Season 4 quite delivered.

Line of Duty is all about a police anti-corruption unit. There are very strict procedures and protocols within this unit, both in an out.
In this season, it’s about Roseanne Huntley, who seems a little too willing to lock up a certain Michael Farmer. Detective Sergeant Steve Arnott and Detective Constable Kate Fleming are the ones investigating the case for Superintendent Hastings.

In Dutch, we have a saying: ‘een kat in het nauw maakt rare sprongen’, literally translated: ‘a cornered cat makes odd jumps’, and that’s pretty much what you see in this season. But an entire season, can you make that credible? Wort watching? Well, that’s what Thandie Newton does. Gosh, how much you hate her at times, especially when you see the taunted victims of her actions, how willing her lapdog Jodie Taylor (a lovely, quite frankly naive girl, convincingly portrayed by Claudia Jessie) is towards her, and how Huntley still finds her ways. It’s incredible.

I’ve been at the edge of my seat watching this and I’d highly recommend watching it. It keeps taking turns and even when you think ‘yes, yes, but I KNOW what happened, I SAW it?!’ you’re still amazed by how you’re put on the wrong foot.

Frustrating? Oh yes, you’ll need popcorn and cake, but it’s good 🙂

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