The Guggenheim Museum in NYC

06 Feb

Yes, a bit out of the ordinairy for me: to talk about a museum on here. Then again: my blog DOES state ‘my opinion on things’. And well, a museum could very well be such a thing, according to myself.

So, what IS so special about this particular museum, then? To be fair I’ve only ever visited it once. I wasn’t impressed much by the artworks if I recall my diary about it (‘I only liked one painting, “Woman with yellow hair”, by Picasso’) and I know this was due to the fact that it had a temporary exhibition in it. The terracotta army (I’m not sure why I wasn’t impressed by it, just that I wasn’t) and huge big canvasses with actually nothing much with colored spatters on it. I’ve seen babies and toddlers create such canvasses and not any of them have such a special spot in a museum.

So, what is it then that makes this museum so special?
The shape.
Yes, the shape. Anyone knows how to google now, so go for it. The Guggenheim in NYC is the only museum that I know that is truly fully wheelchair accessable, and with big, huge prams.

Just don’t be like me on the other accounts. Actually check what’s available what you might like to see in it. I didn’t have much choice at the time (family holiday and musea were obligatory part of the program) but I’m sure you’ll have.

Go for it, and enjoy the walk 🙂

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