The Louvre, Paris, France

06 Feb

For our honeymoon, my husband and me ended up in Paris. With about 50 books for proper touring (I never read any of them, hubby read nearly all) I just started walking from our hotel to the Louvre. With success, I might add. My knees were heavily protesting, but woohoo: I’d found the Louvre!

My father had warned us: ‘pick some artists you’d want to see, because walking the entire museum in a day is impossible!’ he was right about that (even though a friend of mine told me later that her boyfriend and her DID manage to do so… 6 hours! Including reading ALL the tags, wowsers?!)
Though I wasn’t the kind of person to be able to ‘pick’ artists, we made a day of it, surely! I was surprised to learn there was a ‘Dutch’ wing, and it was lovely to see so many Vermeers and Rembrandts hooked up together 🙂
I was mostly taken by the coronation of Napoleon though, the size of it!
And the biggest disappointment was, of course, the Mona Lisa. For any reproduction of it is FAR bigger than the actual painting, and just like pretentious food in an expensive restaurant, this painting is ‘served’ on a plate that’s about four sizes too big. Then try imagining having to look at this particular dish with binoculars. Turned backwards. That’s pretty much the experience there.

But, fair is fair, the Louvre has loads more and far more impressive to offer. Every marble statue is pure joy to watch and so very, very colossal!

So yes, you really should visit the Louvre. For so many reasons that I can’t even imagine a reason NOT to go.

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