The Holiday

08 Feb

Aside the fact that this is a total chickflick, it is quite amusing and at least one that gives you a good feeling.
Story: Amanda (played by Cameron Diaz) and Iris (Kate Winslet) swop houses for the December holidays, given the fact that both have trouble in their lovelive. Amanda just broke up, Iris has been confronted with reality in that sense.
The film has a rather alright beginning. Despite the fact that I’ve never actually seen a website that makes chatting communication possible whilst swopping houses, I’m sure it exists, somehow.

The moment where Iris bumps into Arthur and where Amanda meets Graham (Iris’ brother) are quite endearing. It is here that you notice that Amanda has WAY too many lines. Bloody hell! What writer would do that to an actor who is about to do such scenes? You don’t! You see a mix of Jude Law mocking the length of the script and just waiting for Cameron to finish those bloody lines. At least, that’s what I see in it.
Also, I’ve never seen someone just drive an English car, during a winterstorm, on the left side of the road, after a pretty stiff jetlag, just that first day?!
Iris meets Miles and his girlfriend and St Anna’s wind. The gush of wind in her eye and Miles’ help there….I’ve never met a man who was that willing to help me on first sight. Unless they were a doctor. But that might be me.

The storylines are truly very weak, but Kate, Cameron, Jude, Jack and Eli Wallach do know how to make it work out fine.

There’s a funny cameo of Dustin Hoffman in a movie renting place 🙂

All in all I’d say don’t watch this if you’re looking for something intelligent, but watch it when you’re in the mood for some goodfeeling and don’t mind too much about an extremely chatty girl (it’s not her fault, really, they should’ve cut at least some of her very useless lines) during make out scenes, this is your film!

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