Cloverfield (2008)

11 Feb

I was barely able to watch this film, to be fair. It’s Jurassic Parc crossed with The Blair Witch Project, but worse.

Given that it is filmed with homevideo techniques, I became seasick in the first quarter and it kept that way. Not once is the camera calmly aimed at one thing at the time. It’s not straight once and this really, really didn’t help to keep up with any storyline, except that it’s a group of friends, having a surprise party for one of them, who is supposed to move to Japan for his job.
During this party, they’re quite brutally interrupted by what seems to be a sudden earth quake, but what turns out to be something like huge lizards and massively big flies, who take over the city. Everybody is running, it’s one big chaos and that’s supposed to be quite something.

Oddly enough, the batteries of this hightech camera never go flat (while everyone’s mobile IS) and the dude filming it is able to do so for as long as he likes.

Every now and then, especially at the beginning, you see two different couples discussing stuff. Given that at some point the main goal of everyone is to simply survive, you don’t care about any of these people as soon as the shit hits the fence.

If you’re really desperate to see a disaster film, I’d still go for a different one. This isn’t the one you’re looking for, unless you’re in it yourself, I suppose.

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