Red Dragon

11 Feb

Edward Norton against Anthony Hopkins and Ralph Fiennes, along with Harvey Keitel, Emily Watson and Mary-Louise Parker.

This prequel of The Silence of the Lambs shows how Hannibal Lecter got busted himself. Well, that’s how the film starts. He actually helps, like he did in Silence of the Lambs. And in a far less pestering way. In the sense that he has no Clarice Starling to whirl around his finger.
Will Graham, played by Edward Norton (as Anthony Heald, who plays Dr Chilton, said himself ‘Edward Norton was far too young for this part, he looked like he just got his degree from school’ I quite agree, but he isn’t all bad) is the one who he helps here. That is after Mr Graham already got him convicted and institutionalised.

The story is strong, as one might expect from an adaptation of a book of the same writer. Ralph Fiennes doesn’t have the cutest features here, but to a blind woman (fabulously played by Emily Watson) he might be.
Will Graham coming over to help to look at some evidence might not be the actual reason of his boss. I didn’t read the book, so it might be revealed there that it was for a collaboration with Dr Lecter from the start, no idea.

Nevertheless, it’s a proper thriller and Mr Hopkins sure makes your day with his daily dosage of sarcasm and wit. A lot of the riddles he feeds Clarice Starling in that film don’t appear here, but he still knows how to captivate you as an audience. Dr Chilton is quite excellent as a noisy fly in Graham’s ears, asking him like an annoying paparazzi if he might have anything that he (Dr Chilton) could work with?

I’d say it’s very much worth a watch, though for some scenes you need a bit of a stomach. Not for all though, it’s not Silence of the Lambs.

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