13 Mar

With Carey Mulligan, Nathaniel Martello-White, Billie Piper, John Simm and loads of others.

Don’t expect a prolongued untangling of a strong beginning. This is a miniseries. With a proper start, I’d say.
After delivering a pizza, a courier is killed in the streets. Given that the courier wasn’t the one that was originally supposed to deliver the pizza, the question starts with ‘was it an aimed attack at this particular delivery guy?’
DI Kip Glaspie, nicely portrayed by Carey Mulligan, is about to set her teeth in it, helped by Nathan Bilk and the rest of the team.

I think Kip Glaspie is supposed to be portrayed quite human and resolute, but somehow, the script doesn’t give Mulligan much to go with, it seems. Because I keep seeing it. Her humanitary approach I like, but the lines she has to deal with at times are…a bit soft. Her colleagues and her boss keep being angry with her, but for no real reason. In the end I’d even say that her boss is just jealous because she got a break through. I’ve never seen someone in a police department act in such a way to be fair.
David Mars (played by John Simms, who resembles Tony Cowards -the comedian- in a way that I had to look twice if it wasn’t him??) is the troubled politician, who can’t get a grip on either his political life or his ex-wife. The way he handles his home situation is quite poorly. I can’t imagine a father truly doing that. But that might be me?

The camera work is a funny one. Clearly someone who has noticed that it adds a bit of drama when you zoom in on a small detail; a drop of rain on a window, the corner of a closet, a handle, etc.
What they failed to notice is that this works best if you first see that ‘normal’ object/thing, then go to the scene. Not end with it. Not every single time. Once, twice, then a change in that, fine. Don’t overdo it.
The music each episode starts with is quite uplifting, gets you in a cheery mood, oddly. It’s something different every time, and usually a car radio playing.

The tension on the army base is, just like the rest of the tension in the series: it’s not bad, but it doesn’t hold up. You sort of expect more from the story, and in the entire series, that doesn’t happen. Not too strange as it’s a miniseries, but with Netflix being so big, you sort of expect it to be dragged over like 3 or 4 episodes. Then again, that’s the entire stretch of the series…

All in all I quite liked this series. It’s good acting, actors that you’re already familiar with in one way or another (I like that, personally) and you can get on board with most of it.


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