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Notting Hill

An utterly sweet, but quite unrealistic depicting about the love between a super moviestar Anna Scott (Julia Roberts) and a travelbook salesman William Thacker (Hugh Grant).
After meeting for the first time in his travelbookshop, there’s initially no spark at all between Anna and William. He likes the fact that there is a moviestar in his bookshop, yes, and he does like her appearances, but other than that, no. She is really only there to buy a book.
Then they meet again in the streets. Given that this is after William accidentally empties a cup of fresh squeezed orange juice on her white top, this isn’t the friendliest of meetings. It becomes more unlikely when she agrees to go to his house to clean herself up. And from there it takes more unlike turns. Aside all those unlikely turns, it actually is a very sweet and cute film.
The circle of friends and family that William has around him is so charming, so cute and so funny (Emma Chambers as William’s younger sister is a true gem!) that you completely forget that you don’t ever get to meet any of Anna’s friends or family. They aren’t introduced to any of them, nor does his family. It’s just her and her diva behaviour that, at some point, drifts them apart until she realises she cannot behave like that around someone she actually likes. That life isn’t a filmscript where someone can just yell ‘cut!’ if it’s not going by plan.

The music to go along with the film is as nice and smooth as the rest of the film.

It’s a proper watch, just don’t mind the unlikelihood of any of it happening for real, and you’ll be fine 🙂

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Gilmore Girls, revisited

Deze serie, gebaseerd op de eerdere, veel succesvollere en veel leukere Gilmore Girls, over een tienermoeder met haar dochter die op de rand van puberteit balanceerde, had niet gemaakt moeten worden.

Het is altijd tricky om in een project als deze te duiken, als een serie zo ontzettend succevol is geweest. Je wil elk aspect ervan opnieuw proeven, herbeleven wat er zo geweldig aan was. Een reünie met een script, feitelijk.

Ik was eveneens nieuwsgierig of ze het konden, de herbeleving scheppen. Niet dus. The personages uit het schattige Stars Hallow zijn van stal gehaald en gek genoeg klínken ze zelfs niet hetzelfde als hun oorspronkelijke zelf. Letterlijk. Hun stemmen zijn veranderd. Niet alleen de gesproken woorden stroken niet met wat ze ooit zeiden, maar zelfs de vrouwen hebben last van een andere toonhoogte of iets. Echt heel raar. Zelfs de stemmen van Lorelai Gilmore (ooit geweldig gespeeld door Lauren Graham) en Rory Gilmore (ooit zo onschuldig en lief gespeeld door Alexis Bledel) zijn veranderd. Een van de weinigen die hier niet onder lijkt te lijden is Kelly Bishop, ook wel bekend als oma Gilmore.

De verhaallijn is zeer twijfelachtig, om het mild te zeggen. Zelden zag ik Lorelai Gilmore zo egoïstisch. Ze is geen leuk persoon in deze serie. Haar keuzes lijken niets met haar oude ik te maken te hebben. Het boek wat Rory wil schrijven: de Lorelai die je al kende zou er vol voor gegaan zijn, er op z’n minst over nagedacht hebben.

Sookie (Melissa McCarthy) had een véél grotere rol moeten hebben, zelfs al heeft ook zij een ander stemgeluid. Het ergste is dat de bekendste stadskok haar vormen kwijt is geraakt, wat vreselijk is om te zeggen, want oh mijn god wat zou het haar een moeite gekost kunnen hebben om zo af te vallen (en waarom moeten vrouwen elkaar daar toch altijd zo op afvallen?!) maar het is waar: ik mis m’n ronde, knuffelige en zeer knusse Sookie!

Ik zou zeggen: vermijd deze serie als het even kan. Het heeft niets te maken met het origineel. De snelle dialogen, Rory die zo dol is op lezen, iedereen om zich heen gelukkig maken en haar moeder die zo prettig relaxed is en alles op haar eigen manier onder controle heeft: daar is geen enkele sprake van.

This series, based on the earlier, far more successful and far more funny Gilmore Girls, about a teenmom and her daughter, should not have been made.

It’s always tricky to plunge into a project as such, when a series has been that successful. You want to retaste, you want to re-experience the good times had. Basically it’s a reunion with a script.

I too, was curious if they could pull it off. I now know they couldn’t have been more wrong. The characters of the cute little place Stars Hallow have been taken out of the drawer to do their parts again, and oddly: none of them even sounds the same. Literally. Even the voices of Lorelai Gilmore (once played fantasically by Lauren Graham) and Rory Gilmore (once so innocently and cutish played by Alexis Bledel) have changed. It’s like with boys who grew too much. I don’t know what happened, but every single voice changed. One of the few who still sounds a bit like herself is Kelly Bishop, a.k.a. grandmother Gilmore.

The storylines are very murky to say the least. I never saw Lorelai Gilmore act so….selfishly. Her character isn’t likeable at all. And I find most of her decisions very unlike her. The book Rory wants to write at some point…the Lorelai I know would’ve fully supported it, or at the very least would have thought about it.

Sookie (Melissa McCarthy, one of my absolute favorites) should have played a far bigger part in it too, but even she has lost her normal voice. The cute cook has lost most of her cuddliness due to losing weight -which is terrible to say, I know, it must have cost her quite some time and dedication and I’m sure the losing weight had a lot of impact on her health, so I really should not say that in such a way, but I have to be honest: I loved the old Sookie just as much, maybe even more.

All in all I’d say don’t watch this series because it has nothing to do with the old series, basically. The people that appear seem familiar, yes, but the basics -quick dialogue, Rory being so very fond of reading, undisturbed in her perseference to achieve for everyone to be happy, Lorelai being relaxed, well organised and knowing how to handle stuff properly: none of it is there anymore.

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The Titan

Sam Worthington, Taylor Schilling, Tom Wilkinson and so many others.

Given that I’ve written a small scifi book myself, which more or less has the same theory in it -humans having to find a way to be able to live on different planets- I very much liked the start of the film. It’s funny to see Taylor Schilling in a completely different role than her good old Orange Is The New Black one. She does swear at times to remind you of that part, but other than that, this is quite a new one.

Sam Worthington in this role very much reminded me of Avatar. Especially after an hour. Until then, things don’t go smoothly, but the way it’s being portrayed fully has my interest. A group of people has been gathered by a list of special bodily strengths. For instance, Rick Janssen, (Sam Worthington) has been chosen as he managed to survive three days in the desert.
As the program of ‘rebuilding’ these strong people advances, the effects become more obvious. And you see more ‘Avatar’ hints floating about.

It’s not a wild chasing film, which is nice for a change, but it also doesn’t have a very strong ending. Then again, it’s worth a watch.

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Jenny’s Wedding

Katherine Heighl playing a serious part in a dreadfully long film about her being gay with Alexis Bledel is a seriously bad plan. They should have switched parts, though that would barely have worked, given that Alexis is truly such a sweetheart. But the part of Kitty is barely there and you know Alexis should have been given a far bigger part. Then again: for this film that would not have worked, as you don’t expect Alexis in a film that is so incredibly shallow, really.
Grace Gummer playing the part of younger sister of Jenny (Katherine Heighl) is a proper shot. She actualy knows how to give her character the sarcastic twist it needs to make the film bearable.

All in all you won’t get any of the time you spend on this film back, and it only has bits and pieces that are good enough. Even when Anne is on about the grass….stupidly you actually get what she means, but those words never really come out of her mouth. Something just breaks within her, looking at something as ordinary as the grass. You get that. The moaning on about what that means doesn’t make much sense however.

The storyline of how everyone has a hard time dealing with the situation has no depth in any way whatsoever. The film should have been edited back to about 45 mins and even that would’ve been long.

Don’t get your hopes up, I’d say. Grace Gummer is the only one worth your while, as Alexis Bledel simply doesn’t get enough air to actually breathe here. A waste of talent, there!

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Under the Dome

With Mike Vogel, Rachelle Lefevre, Alexander Koch, Colin Ford, Mackenzie Lintz, Dean Norris, Aisha Hinds and many others.

This series barely knows any dull moments until season 3 hits the floor. Until then, it’s so very dynamic, intruiging and you’re on the tip of your seat most of the time. Fantastically written, sometimes a wee bit predictable, but still: very much worth a watch!

It is all about Chester’s Mill here. A small town where, in general, nothing special happens. OK, it starts with a murderer burrying his latest victim, but that could happen anywhere, right?
When he tries to look as innocent as possible for a passing police car, it suddenly happens: he gets distracted. Drives his car into a ditch, has to get out and fix his tire (that blew because of it) and then the shit really hits the fense: a weird, loud noise and earthquake emerge. When the loud bang has gone, it appears that a large, invisible wall has been placed. A cow dramatically dropping into two pieces is quite spectacularly depicted.

A dome has emerged. From thin air. The people inside it, in the town called Chester’s Mill, cannot get out. Those on the outside, cannot get it. It’s that simple. They can see each other, but not hear one another. There’s no internet inside the dome, just a radio station.

Though ‘the dome’ becomes more and more like a god to the people living in the town (‘it seems the dome wants us to do this’, ‘the dome has spoken’, etc) it also clearly depicts how people respond when in, what is factually an apocalyps. The town counsellor can just smell the power he might have one day and can’t let go of the idea to be that important. The dirty politics, intimidation etc run around quickly.

On the other hand it has amazed me how many characters just get written out. There’s an amazing amount of people dying, constantly.

The storyline itself is quite powerful, in the sense that it makes sense (the first two seasons) and doesn’t become boring or all that predictable. It’s got features of science fiction in it, sure, but not that far fetched. It’s still pretty down to earth.

All in all I’d say watch it, it’s a pretty awesome watch.



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